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Smuggling A Horse And A Dragon Into Play In Standard!


It may just look like a really fun limited rare, but Calamity, Galloping Inferno is a very powerful Magic card.

Calamity, Galloping Inferno

Two hasted copies of anything is a big deal, but the fear is that you already need to have something big in play or that your opponent might be able to break things up before you can do your thing.

Well not if the smugglers have anything to say about it!

Time Stamps:

02:20 - Match 1

15:08 - Match 2

26:57 - Match 3

Smuggler's Surprise is a pretty awesome and versatile spell.

Smuggler's Surprise

Of course, the floor is just putting two huge things into play at once for 6 mana, which is excellent for cards like Calamity or Terror of the Peaks which really need another card to be good, or drawing two cards for 3 mana which is also fully reasonable.

However, once you start spending more mana things get crazy.

For seven mana you can put in two creatures, but also give them hexproof and indestructible. This means if you put in Calamity and Terror of the Peaks, your opponent can't interact as all as you make two more copies of Terror of the Peaks and deal 20+ damage. For 8 mana you don't need to have the creatures in your hand, as you get to look at your top four cards as well. And of course, for 9 mana you get it all.

Cavern of Souls
Arid Archway

Of course, it's the ramp and lands that make all of this work. Cavern of Souls is probably the most important card in the deck, as the best way to battle back against decks like this is with counterspells. On the ramp side of things Glimpse the Core and Spelunking both ramp you up, with the latter playing particularly well with Arid Archway.

With aggro decks faltering in the face of the formats many midrange, combo and control decks, this is an awesome way to juke while going huge.

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