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Going Wild With Neoform Affinity In Modern



Myr Enforcer

An aggressive artifact deck based around artifact synergies that looks to get on the board extremely quickly and overpower their opponent.



A quirky combo card usually used to summon Griselbrand by all-in combo decks that can win the game as early as turn one.

These two things may seem like they've got nothing in common. But...

Time Stamps:

00:03:47 - Match 1

00:32:52 - Match 2

00:44:58 - Match 3

00:52:06 - Match 4

01:21:12 - Match 5

Adding a combo finish to an aggro deck had been a Magic tradition for a long time, especially artifact-based aggro decks.

Thought Monitor
Sojourner's Companion
Craterhoof Behemoth

With Modern Horizons 2 adding two new 7-drop affinity creatures to the format, including the excellent Thought Monitor, this opens up a very unique opportunity to utilize Neoform to serve up Cratorhoof Behemoth for lethal as early as turn three. This, of course, should almost always be good enough to end the game in the spot.

Urza's Saga

Add this to the unreasonable power level of Urza's Saga as well as the new artifact lands and all of Affinity's usual tricks and you've got quite the wild one!

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