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When Riddleform Gets 1st Place, I Take Notice


What can I say? I'm a sucker for Riddleform.


Prowess decks are always super fun, but they always have this issue of needing to delicately balance their threats with their spells. Too many threats means not enough things to trigger prowess, while too many non-creature spells means you can end up spinning your wheels to much and not drawing enough threats. But as a non-creature threat, Riddleform does both!

Anthony Arevalo took his very interesting Izzet Prowess deck through 11 rounds of the Red Bull Untapped International Qualifier V last weekend and came away with the first place trophy, which is quite the accomplishment for an off the radar deck.

Time Stamps:

03:52 - Match 1

21:09 - Match 2

25:10 - Match 3

37:53 - Match 4

50:13 - Match 5

Izzet Prowess | M21 Standard | Anthony Arevalo, 1st Place Red Bull Untapped International Qualifier V

There's something very satisfying about playing a bunch of spells and dealing lethal damage quickly!

Stormwing Entity
Sprite Dragon

Prowess decks have gotten quite the boost in recent sets with fantastic threats in Stormwing Entity and Sprite Dragon, and Anthony's deck-building choices to maximize the 1 mana spells and Dreadhorde Arcanist was an excellent one. The deck felt very smooth, and while Uro and friends are still a problem that's true for basically any deck.

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