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I Think It's About Time For A Naya Adventure


Adventures were in an odd place in Throne of Eldraine.

Edgewall Innkeeper
Lucky Clover

On the one hand, there were great enablers like Edgewall Innkeeper and Lucky Clover that made the mechanic feel like a build around. Both cards are cheap and powerful, giving you a huge payoff for having a bunch of adventure cards in your deck. There was only one problem... All the adventure cards were already so good!

Bonecrusher Giant
Lovestruck Beast

Bonecrusher Giant was one of the best cards in the whole format without any help at all, with Lovestruck Beast not too far behind it. This of course led to Lucky Clover being banned and Edgewall Innkeeper being a staple.

Well now we're here in Wilds of Eldraine, and we've got a whole host of new adventures to play with!

Time Stamps:

03:16 - Match 1

15:58 - Match 2

25:42 - Match 3

This Pioneer/Explorer deck, made by @SaltySaintNick on Twitter, is a wonderful mix of old and new.

Questing Druid
Pollen-Shield Hare
Heartflame Duelist

New adventure cards like Questing Druid, Heartflame Duelist, and especially Pollen-Shield Hare all play amazingly well with Lucky Clover, allowing you to double up on removal, card draw, or pump that kills your opponent quite quickly. And of course, just having a higher density of adventure creatures to draw from Edgewall Innkeeper is excellent as well.

Pia Nalaar, Consul of Revival

Also awesome is how great Pia Nalaar, Consul of Revival is in this deck, as it has excellent synergy with all of the adventures, Escape to the Wilds, Questing Druid, and perhaps most impressively Pollen-Shield Hare. We had a lot of surprising kills with Pollen-Shield Hare pumping a thopter to a 13/13!

This one is one to watch in both Pioneer and Explorer!

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