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How to Holiday Vintage Cube on Magic Online


It's the holidays and that means...

Friends and family?

Great food?


... wrong!

Black Lotus

The holidays are the time for Vintage Cube on Magic Online; your chance to play with all the broken cards in Magic's history as many times as you want!

For the uninitiated, a "Cube" is a collection of preselected cards, usually limited to one of each copy, which is designed to be shuffled up and drafted. There are many different and fun ways to build a Cube, but the Magic Online Cube is a large 720 card Vintage Cube (meaning there are no power level limitations to the build). The Magic Online Cubes aren't the best example of good Cube design, but there's no denying that basically any Cube is a very fun and replayable way to play Magic.

So let's dive right in and open some power!

Time Stamps:

Round 1 - 00:29:25

Round 2 - 00:59:27

Round 3 - 01:31:16

We did it!

Mox Jet
Mishra's Workshop

This deck was excellent. It contained a large amount of both synergy and power, utilizing one of the most important elements in the Cube in great fast mana and adding it to multiple broken plans (Tinker + Sundering Titan, Arcane Artisan + Ulamog, Mindslaver + Academy Ruins). This is the power level you need to succeed in Vintage Cube draft. If we had not made that error in the finals of not putting Winter Orb on top of our deck with Academy Ruins this would have been a very worthy 3-0 trophy deck.

For your next Cube draft don't be afraid to stay open, but make sure once you've committed to a deck you dive in head first! There are a lot of powerful cards in the Cube that can be very distracting, but make sure you have an overall plan and stick to it and make sure that plan has a high power level. Value the irreplaceable cards (fast mana, broken enablers, top tier interaction) over the cards that are easily replaceable (basically any threat or planeswalker over 4 mana, there's an unbelievable amount of them).

But most importantly, have fun! Vintage Cube has a huge amount of variance based on both the cards you open as well as how the game plays out (they played turn one Gideon, Ally of Zendikar off of Black Lotus two games in a row, good luck!), but remember each time you get to do broken things in addition to each time your opponent gets to do them.

Sol Ring

Oh, and never pass Sol Ring, ever. Good luck!

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