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How Do I Play the Nami Mill Strategy in One Piece TCG?


Geography: the study of the world's physical features. While out and about in the vast world, one can most certainly argue that it is important to know where your next destination lies. Our beloved Straw Hats' Navigator, Nami, is certainly no stranger to these studies and all of the uncharted territories that are waiting to be mapped out. Not only does Nami take the helm when it comes to setting the Straw Hats' next destination, but with this experience Nami also presents a proficient knowledge of the Weather. Like any good Navigator, I would like to adjust your compasses for the constantly turning tides and Introduce you to One Piece TCG's first and only alternate win condition, Nami Leader.

Nami is a Mono-Blue leader with 5000 power and 5 life that reads "When your deck is reduced to 0, you win the game instead of losing, according to the rules." and "DON!!x1 when this leader's attack deals damage to your opponent's life, you may trash 1 card from the top of your deck.". Now, I've spent a lot of time playing Dimir Mill in Magic: The Gathering, but MTG's closest comparable card to this phenomenal leader is Laboratory Maniac... Except, unlike Laboratory Maniac, Nami can't be removed from the board. Yup, you read that right! Nami is here to stay and promotes a self-mill strategy which means you do not have to use character aggression in order to win with this leader. Although, this Strategy will play oddly, as most leaders WANT you to turn cards sideways and cause damage to your opposing leader knocking them down to zero life... So, how do we Set Sail with Nami Leader?

Don't worry, we will weather this storm together! One Piece TCG Set 3 brought us Nami Leader but also introduced a lot of key pieces for the Nami deck. While Nami really wants to play cards during your opponent's turn, there are critical characters such as Syrup Villages' resident, Kaya, and the Baratie's head Chef, Zeff. These two characters are a must-have staple in every Nami deck and play a critical role in bringing you closer to victory.

Kaya is a 1 drop, +2000 counter, character with 0 power and an On Play ability that reads "Draw two cards and trash two cards from your hand". Ah yes, Faithless looting has never looked so good in Blue. For self-mill strategies, drawing cards at a cheap cost is critical to the deck, and being able to counter out for +2000 adds versatility to the Kaya character. Although... you'd rather hold onto Kaya when possible, there is more value to be had when you bounce Kaya back to your hand and play her again with bounce effects such as Arabesque Fist.. Or even Zeff!

Zeff is a 5-cost 6000-power character with "On play, you may return one character with a cost of 3 or less to its owner's hand, and trash 2 cards from the top of your deck." and "DON!!X1 when this character's attack deals damage to your opponent's life, you may trash 7 cards from the top of your deck." Head Chef Zeff isn't just a tall hat; he brings a wide variety of dishes to the table. His On Play ability can bounce Kaya back to your hand, which allows you trash two cards and potentially play Kaya again to draw another 2 cards to your hand, thinning out your library by 4. Zeff can even work as removal for a threat on your opponent's board AND allow you to trash two from your library. Ideally, you draw your card per turn, drop Kaya, draw two trash two, play Zeff, put Kaya back in hand and trash the top two, play Kaya again, draw two trash two, and suddenly you've gone through 7 cards in your library right there for the cost of 7 DON!!.

However, they are only two cards that form the skeletal structure of the Nami Deck. What should the rest of the Nami deck contain? A good selection of Events such as Sanji's Pilaf, Gum-Gum Giant Gavel, Usopp's Rubberband of Doom, White Snake, and Impel Down All Stars, that's what!

Now we could break down each of these Events one by one, but the most important to focus in on is Impel Down All Stars.

At first glance, this card appears to be a very odd inclusion for any Nami deck. It doesn't even benefit the East Blue leader type, right? Impel Down All Stars reads, "Main: You may trash 2 cards from your hand: If your Leader has the {Impel Down} type, draw up to 2 cards." for a DON!! cost of 1, being able to trash cards from your hand isn't the worst thing for a Nami deck. While not optimal, it does enable you to decrease your hand size so you can draw cards from Events such as Love-Love Mellow or Death Wink. However, the main reason to run Impel Down All Stars is to either gain its triggered ability from life which simply states "Draw two cards" or to pitch this event to Gum-Gum Gavel for its additional cost. Hopefully in the future, this Event will not be necessary for the Nami deck list.. But for now, it's Draw two trigger is too valuable to pass up as a four of in the deck to keep its odds high to be drawn from your life pile.

With all this being said, Nami is certainly a One Piece TCG deck that requires a lot of practice and thought. There are many different opportunities and plays to consider: keeping in mind how many copies of a card are left in your library, is it a better option to take a hit off life and chance the trigger, how much DON!! should I leave open before passing the turn? In order to part the clouds and work your way toward a clearer sky it's always good to take advice from your fellow Nami players. I'd like to take this opportunity to present the Content Creator, ThatMillGuy! ThatMillGuy promotes Nami gameplay on his YouTube channel through discussion of how to pilot the deck, interviews with top ranking Nami players, and game play through Locals. He also play-tests with new includes such as 7 drop Crocodile and, most recently, Gum-Gum Red Roc. Both cards have High DON!! costs but also produce high rewards. It is advised to play these cards once you have 10 DON!! On your field however. Please refer to some of his content below!

Nami brings an interesting approach to gameplay with many different Interactions to consider. But, this marks the end of our voyage. Until the seas allow our paths to cross again, venture on Sea dogs!

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