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Throwback Thursday: Priority


Throwback Thursday is a lot like time travel. Which makes this Time Warp particularly appropriate. This week we're all about priority and timing - two of the invisible rules that make Magic the awesome game it is. Most of the time, we move through phases and pass priority back and forth without a second thought. There are other situations where knowing who has priority and when makes all the difference.

So you've got a Lightning Bolt and your opponent casts Recurring Nightmare. When do you kill their guy to stop them from using it? How does that change if it's an Altar's Reap? How about a Jace, the Mind Sculptor? David Greene answers all of your questions about who's got priority, when they get it, and how you can use it to your advantage.

Check out the full Judge's Corner playlist on our YouTube channel for rules on morph, trample, set mechanics, and more!

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