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Throwback Thursday: The Stack


Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Each week we're going to take a trip into our video past to show you the best you may have missed the first time around.

While some of you are piling up food, toppings, and plates in a seasonal meal, the rest of us are piling up spell upon spell in Magic. The "stack" was one of the rules innovations brought to the game with the Sixth Edition changes, and it's among the best changes the game has seen. (Seriously.) However, simplifying casting spells, activating abilities, and resolving it all didn't mean there weren't still complications.

Two years ago Judge's Corner explained everything we needed to know about the stack, and we couldn't think of another video we were more thankful to watch again:

Check out the full Judge's Corner playlist on our YouTube channel for rules on morph, trample, set mechanics, and more!

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