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Pauper Premiere League Week 6


We're here for week six, the final week of Swiss for the Pauper Premiere League, sponsored by CoolStuffInc.com and Wizards of the Coast! During week five, we had a ton of awesome matches.between Chris VanMeter, Evan Erwin, Joseph Hourani, and myself subbing in for a sick Emma Partlow. You can watch the video replays for each of the first four weeks in the playlist below!

This week there's four more returning competitors coming back for some fantastic matches. I'm returning to actually play for myself this week, busting out longtime favorite Temur Tron. It's going to be a bit tough going up against Ricardo Mattana's Stompy list, however, unless I can get some creatures down super fast that is! Both of us will have to contend with Michael Bonde's Arcum's Astrolabe-fueled Four-Color Control. And last but not least, we have the currently undefeated Adam Yurchick on his wild en-Kor Combo deck!

Let's have a look at their lists for the week:

Why Ricardo chose Stompy: I chose Stompy because it is the best positioned aggro in the metagame right now and has a fair matchup against Jeskai.

It's a deck that means a lot to my Magic story and I'm sure I'll have fun. May the force of nature be on my side this week. :D

Why I chose Temur Tron: With this league, I wanted to take an opportunity to get back to my roots with the format. While I played briefly during the periods of Storm and Cloudpost decks, I wanted something from when I began to really get serious playing Pauper around three years ago. My first deck was Mono-Black control, something that I felt wouldn't do well and I haven't enjoyed playing as much lately.

My second, however, was Temur Tron, and I've been dying for an excuse to break out this old favorite again. The time couldn't be better either with some players running it in Leagues and Challenges. I took one of those lists with logical updates from lists I played in the past, gave it the slightest of tweaks, and we're going to see how it goes! As it turns out, I feel pretty great about how it lines up here in this meta, so I can't wait for some awesome games tonight!

Why Adam chose en-Kor Combo: For this final week of the league I wanted to bring something new, a deck we hadn't seen in any previous weeks, but that meant digging really deep. I came across this deck I knew it was the one to bring - I didn't even realize the Nomads en-Kor and Daru Spiritualist combo was in the format, and I am excited to see what it can do.

Why Michael chose Four-Color Control: I wanted to play something a bit different then my usual Pestilence deck, since Tron has really been dominating leagues lately, with people playing more different versions of Astrolabe. I think this deck has a lot of tools to deal with almost anything the meta puts at you, and it has such an insane late game/comeback potential, that I would almost go as far as saying it's a combo deck.

That being said, having so many answers and ways of playing the deck will give me a wonderful time in the last round of Swiss before the playoffs!

Lastly here's our current schedule for the evening. Do note that, as with previous weeks, this is somewhat subject to change.

The fun all begins tonight at 9PM EST/6PM PST on the CoolStuffInc Twitch channel, so make sure you follow to get updated on when we go live! The decks this week are promising to provide one heck of a run of matches and I can't wait to see how they all play out. We'll see you all there!

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