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Star Wars: Unlimited Shadows of the Galaxy
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Magic PAX Spoilers!


Tonight was the special Innistrad PAX party, and many cards have been, and are still being showcased. The mechanics of the set are now confirmed to be flashback, Morbid (If a creature died this turn, do X triggers), Curses (a new card subtype with unknown applications) and 'Transform' (Flip over a card to transform it, transform is caused by any number of types of triggers). The transform cards have been CONFIRMED to be back to back, meaning there is no 'deckmaster' side of the cards. Initial details are that there will be a special 'checklist' card that has a normal card back appearing in each booster pack. This is meant to represent the transform card when in hidden zones for players without sleeves (or see-through sleeves) WoTC also has a special update planned to explain how this works within the rules that will go live in a few hours, and Aaron Forsythe will have some physical examples with him at day 2 of GP Pittsburgh.

Keep checking for more updates and images. Here is the current crop of pictures!

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