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Magic Pro Tour


Part of Magic the Gathering's long success is the presence of its Pro Tour. As a beacon of competitive play and a goal for many players it is an active force in driving the game's economy and culture. It is the dream of many to compete on the 'Tour' but few actually do and of them only the elite rise to the top as Pro Tour Champions.

Pro Tour events are themselves by invitation only for Magic the Gathering players, however all Magic players should make their way to the events as there is plenty for the casual and less competitive player to do. Ranging from Friday Night Magic to continuous drafts, you'll never be bored.

How do I get on the Magic the Gathering Pro Tour?

You have to win either a qualifier tournament (often called PTQ which is short for Pro Tour Qualifier) or do well enough at a Grand Prix event. If you do either of these you will be invited to play on the Pro Tour for the next event and then depending on your finish you can be invited back again.

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