Detective: L.A. Crimes Expansion
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Airdate - 1/16/2019

Gather the Townsfolk

Preprerelease - Reactions & Experience

War of the Spark announced:

MTGA Update:

Duplicate protection:

Opening packs: If you would open a 5th-copy of a card, it is instead replaced with a card of the same rarity that you don't have 4 copies of. If you already own 4 copies of every card in that set at that rarity, you instead get other rewards:

Mythic: 40 gems

Rare: 20 gems

Uncommon or common: Vault progress at the current rate

Limited packs: You can open (and pick) 5th-copy cards. If you do, it won't be added to your permanent collection but converted to gems or vault progress, as above.

Individual card rewards: You can still get ICRs that are 5th-copy cards, but they'll be turned into gems or vault progress, as above.

Ranked preseason:

New preseason starts 1/31

Constructed Bo3 on its way

Ravnica Allegiance:

1/17: Packs hit store, sealed events go live

1/18: Bo3 drafts go live

1/25: Ravnica constructed event goes live

2/1: Bo1 ranked drafts go live

Early Access Streamer Event:

1/16, 11am EST

RNA Mythic Edition:

No Bo1 at Comp. REL Tabletop:

Bo1 Drafts in-store being tested:

Guild Kits:

Desperate Ravings

Pauper PTQ!

Open Letter re: Legacy GP:

New Judge Promos: Rhystic Study and Food Chain:


Matt Costa Calls Out Wrong Player:

Matt Apologizes:

Rei Sato DQ:

Alpha U / Clothing from Cedric:

VSL Teaser - Sponsored by CSI!

Next Level Land Drops:

Boobs on alters:

Splash Damage

Screenrant embarasses themselves:

The Finisher

Today was the Magic Arena All-Day Ravnica Allegiance streamer event, which the three of us took part in today (#sponsored). We got to play all manner of sweet brews with the new set against other Magic Arena streamers, #sponsored, and we had a ton of fun. I would absolutely love to be a part of any future All-Day streamer events, #sponsored, so in the future what kinds of things would you like Magic and Twitch to team up to do?