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Magic Mics: Cops & Toppers


Airdate - 11/7/18

First Pick

Ultimate Masters

Revealed via Box Toppers sent to: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/announcing-ultimate-masters-2018-11-05

  • Releases December 7th
  • Previews Monday and Tuesday November 19th and 20th.
  • Full set reveal Wednesday November 21st.
  • Last masters product for the foreseeable future. Other products taking their place.
  • Boxes only available at LGS.
  • Blister packs available at Big Box Stores.
  • All Box Toppers are in the set in regular non-masterpiece version.
  • Each box purchased will come with a Ultimate Box Topper pack that contains 1 of the 40 possible Masterpieces.
  • 254 cards in the set.
  • $6.99 price on MODO. Non-redeemable set.
  • Available in English and Japanese. Box Toppers are English ONLY
  • $13.99 MSRP per pack
  • $335.76 MSRP per box
  • $34.99 MSRP for Blister Pack
  • 15 Cards per pack with 1 premium foil
  • 24 Packs per box

GP formats changed: GP Vancouver (Dec 28-30) and GP Prague (Jan 11-13) now UMA sealed - $115 entry!


  • Original UMA announcement plan scrapped when hallway meeting about the Mythic Edition customers came up.
  • Rethinking how and when to announce products.
  • Re: GP Format Changes: "one of the reasons we're moving to a more flexible format schedule in 2019 for Pro Tours and why ChannelFireball Events chose to do the same for Grand Prix."

Preview event at PAX Unplugged: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/ultimate-masters-preview-event-2018-11-05

Toppers are searchable:


Cube April auctions Topper: https://twitter.com/CubeApril/status/1059902237059756032?s=19

Gather the Townsfolk

Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica + PoY playoff tomorrow!

MTGA Direct Challenge - Nov 15th!


Stolen Identity Copy Token in Guild Kits


GerryT on Twitch Chat


Desperate Ravings

Dan Lanthier - 3 Year ban: https://magic.wizards.com/en/content/suspended-dci-memberships

Banning via counterfeit cards: https://twitter.com/tirentu/status/1060198208134172672

MLPS Magic Art vs LA Magic Art: https://twitter.com/MoxReuby/status/1058192306006720513

Vs MLPS: https://www.swnewsmedia.com/chaska_herald/head-down-to-light-grey-art-lab-to-see-art/article_7397a4bb-18de-51fd-b570-1202006e9358.html

Ravnica Standard = Best Standard: https://www.coolstuffinc.com/a/evanerwin-11062018-ravnica-standard-best-standard

Dreamhack Chair Prizes: https://twitter.com/vorthosmike/status/1058417941958529024?s=21

MTGA Rules from Owen Turtenwald: http://www.starcitygames.com/articles/37932_A-Pro-Players-Perspective-On-Magic-Arena.html

MTGA Name Problems: https://old.reddit.com/r/MagicArena/comments/9uzr5e/wotcmtga_is_this_really_how_you_handle_name/

Splash Damage

Eternal coming to XBox One: https://www.direwolfdigital.com/news/eternal-coming-to-xbox-one/

The Finisher

Game Director of Magic Arena Chris Clay announced *today* that Direct Challenges are coming to Arena November 15. That means that you'll be able to challenge people directly, which means actual factual friends lists are soon to follow. Now I'm a fan of social mediums as much as the next guy, but I need another list of suggested friends like I need another LinkedIn request. But it's coming, so in addition to having people like, tweet, favorite, share, and subscribe, now we'll add Arena friends to the list, but how else can Magic add more to the gathering?