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MalWare on ManaNation.com - Update


It seems that on July 13th, 2010, the advertising system that manages all the banners on ManaNation was compromised. As soon as the first reports of users receiving the Malware warning came in, I began looking into it but was unable to locate any cause for these warnings. I've continued researching but to little success being unsure if it was a mistake or something else going on.

Today, July 15th, 2010, I was able to locate and remove the cause of these warnings. Our system was compromised and the individual responsible inserted a piece of code which would allow them to inject their own content into our site. This code attempted to run Java on the user's website and could possibly collect information about the visitor.

I don't believe that any visitor in the last 3 days is in danger, I was unable to find any viruses on my machines, but I want to strongly encourage you to make a scan of your system to be certain that there is nothing putting you at risk.

I am really upset over this intrusion, it feels almost as if I had been robbed or had a break in at my home. I've taken a number of steps to correct the intrusion and prevent it from happening again.

-- Trick

Update - As you'll see in the comments, numerous visitors are reporting that they were infected. One visitor, @Kenseiden tweeted us this: "@mananation wlanbuster infected with TR/Gendal.130654. My antivirus found this after you reporting issues yesterday. Might be nothing with u"

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