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The Top 5 Angels in Commander for Angel Kindred


Looking to build an Angels Kindred deck? Consider some of these cards for your build. Whether you're Mono-White, two-, or three-color, we've got you covered.

A couple of rules. In order to make the list, the Creature must be an Angel. In addition, there's another article on this very site covering the top five Angels for every deck - those should certainly be considered too! But rather than crossover, we'll have two different lists, so make sure you check out that other list.

Honorable Mention

Valkyrie Harbinger
Resplendent Angel

Often, Angels are tied to life gain. There are several cards which make Angel tokens when life is gained, and we'll go into some of them more a bit later. But these two are special, since they're both Creatures and they both help pump out more Angels.

Number Five

Bruna, the Fading Light

Bruna is expensive and a bit underpowered for the cost, but her ability is very strong. Returning pretty much any fallen Angel in your 'yard is sure to make a change to the Battlefield, especially if that Angel is something like Archangel of Thune or Battle Angels of Tyr. If you're going to play her, consider playing her sister, Gisela, the Broken Blade, just for the possibility of Melding the horribly named Brisela, Voice of Nightmares.

Number Four

Herald of War

When looking for cards to add to our Kindred deck, we're looking for synergy - we want our cards to help more of our cards, not just be uniquely powerful. Herald of War helps us in multiple ways: it makes our Angels cheaper to cast (good, because lots of them are quite expensive) and buffs itself up, turning it into a formidable attacker all on its own.

Number Three

Sephara, Sky's Blade

Sephara could find her way into other decks (I can imagine her in a Birds or Spirits Kindred deck - anything with lots of fliers, of course), but she does great work in an Angels build. She makes herself really cheap to cast, is absolutely huge, and she powers up pretty much every other Creature we play. Being able to attack without much fear, especially when a lot of our Creatures have Vigilance, is worth its weight. Watch that casting cost, though!

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Number Two

Lyra Dawnbringer

Lyra is incredible value. A 5/5 for five mana with three relevant keywords is a deal that's nearly impossible to pass up. Combine with that she gives all our other Angels a buff and Lifelink! Unfortunately, Lifelink doesn't stack, so an Angel with Lifelink already won't wind up with two triggers, but plenty of our Creatures don't have it, and gaining it is a definite bonus.

Number One

Giada, Font of Hope

Giada does is all. She's cheap, evasive, and Legendary, so she can function as your Commander if you want. She buffs our other Creatures, and even better, hurries us along to our much bigger other Angels. Think about this: doing nothing other than playing Lands on time, you can play Giada on turn two, Firemane Commando on turn three, then Lyra Dawnbringer on turn four as a 7/7. Attack the following turn for 16 in the air, drawing a card, then play out a Valkyrie Harbinger as a 7/8, and because we gained more than four life, make another Angel. Seems pretty good.

Support Cards

In addition to these Angels, we probably want to run some other stuff. Here are some non-Angel cards worth considering in your build.

Token makers based on life gain:

These pair up with the two Honorable Mentions and are certainly worth it, assuming you have any life gain in the deck (you probably do - you're building Angels).

Token makers not based on life gain:

These all do different things, but are generally here because they make tokens. Bishop of Wings is the only one not dumping Angels, but it's still leaving behind chump blockers and Lyra still makes them indestructible. Serra also pumps our team, and Rampage of the Valkyries doubles as removal.

Last two:

Seraph Sanctuary
Kaalia of the Vast

Barring incredibly difficult color requirements, Seraph Sanctuary should find a place in an Angel Kindred deck. That little bit of life can make a difference in how easy you are to kill, plus it might bump you over the threshold to get another token.

It feels like we can't talk about an Angels deck without talking about Kaalia of the Vast. A terror of casual EDH tables since her printing, she is excellently positioned to lead a flock of Angels into battle, mostly by virtue of making them all free to put on the Battlefield. She also happens to be in the strongest set of colors for the type, with wr and wb the two most common two-color pairs for Angels. If you want a consistent and strong Angels Kindred deck, Kaalia is the girl you want in charge. (If you want your friends to play against your Angels deck, though, I suggest you consider other options!)

Thanks for reading.

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