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John Avon's Unhinged Land Playmats coming to Kickstarter


I was just given the details on the Avon upcoming kickstarter.

John Avon’s five Unhinged lands being available as playmats, and, since he lives in England, he will have serious Super Early Bird specials because shipping is no joke internationally. For £25.00 (about $33), you will get an Unhinged playmat shipped from him to you. As playmats for special occasions have risen to $40 pretty regularly, it’s a good deal, and a stellar one once you realize you aren’t paying for shipping.

If you don’t hit F5 fast enough, there will still be Early Bird playmats for about a pound more, or $34.30, again, shipping included.

Once those run out, the playmat jumps another dollar, to $35.60. If you want a playmat *after* that, or miss the Kickstarter entirely, they’ll go up to £30 plus shipping, which is over $40. Add the shipping, which puts it over $50. The incentive to be early if you want *your* island is a deal.

The Kickstarter launches on Thursday, September 21, 2017.

We will be tweeting it out too. Stay tuned!

-Vorthos Mike

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