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7 Questions with rk post


A couple beers and a couple Jamesons into our PDX hangout, I waylaid rk for a fangirl moment as we headed to Rum Club. For a modest fee, rk sketched what I’d look like with tentacles.

Rk Post has a bad rap. Er, a bad-boy rep. Okay—he just draws phallic content on cards. For fun.

I’m taking great personal pleasure in the fact that my first 7 Questions was with Rob Alexander and my second is with rk post. While both of these guys are downright sweet once you corner them, their on-site energies and personalities couldn’t be more different. This interview series is a lot like a second lease on dating, except every prospect you talk to is interesting and successful and funny, instead of broke-ass and calling you collect from juvie and interrupting your Chem finals to MySpace message you that he “kinda” loves you and begging you to come over and check out his bedroom in exchange for a PBR. Well…Ahem, back to art…

Rk’s World Magic Cup Qualifier Beijing playmat.

Rk is a notoriously self-taught illustrator whose fallibility is part of his charm. For a rundown of his vitals, check out this more traditional but nicely cheeky interview by the not-nearly-as-annoying-as-name-implies Hipsters of the Coast blog. Rk is a good self-promoter, and he leverages his quirky personality to keep his brand going strong. You’ll see him at a ton of events, signing, small-talking and sketching tirelessly, exhibiting an argentum-clad work ethic.

Randall, or Randy—as one might revert to calling him over cocktail napkins—would not tell me his middle name. He said, “It starts with K and rhymes with a body part,” and giggled.

I have still not solved this puzzle.

In old school astrological bounds he’s a Libra (hence the narcissism balanced by social adeptness) in the West and a Monkey in the East (hence the amazing creative energy and oh-so-snuggable personality). Rk has his own Wikipedia page, and currently goes full-time at Big Fish Games in addition to his freelance work for Wizards. His style is irreverent, dark, and iconic; showcasing muted color choices, silken textures, and an introspective Asian aesthetic that is simultaneously zen and kink.

Indigestion; Alternity RPG; Wizards of the Coast.

If you can grab a beer with rk, do. As a placeholder, read this interview.

1. What the hell happened to your ear?!

Oh photos! That thing is nastier looking than it felt. I wasn't doing anything noble...just slipped and fell and found out ears tear.

Word on the street is that rk was breaking into his own home when his bathtub’s hardware attacked him in self-defense.

2. Yes or no on taking the little shampoos, conditioners and soaps from your hotel rooms:

Yesssssss, they are little treasures that are meant to be hoarded.

Rk alters a GP Austin playmat for Jason Jordan.

3. What's your favorite tattoo that you have?

It's a skull! Bwahahahahahaha! The Damon Conklin one on my right shoulder.

Super Genius Tattoo in Seattle, WA

4. Please describe the pillows on your bed at home:

Memory foam with cooling shit. I had an old feather pillow that I used to death and was forcibly upgraded.

Rk says: “He’s really comfy. #PornoStache is scratchy though.”

5. If you could take one female that you've drawn on a Magic card out to happy hour, which card would it be and why?

Unmask. Really it's a dude that's cross dressing....so you know that's a party in a basket.

Unmask by rk post

6. You look hot and fit. What's your workout regimen and diet tips for our readers?

Walk a lot, get plenty of rest, don't tear your ear, only drink alcohol on days with the word "Day" in them (you are screwed in Mexico), and never punch a bear. Hot? Really? Blush.

Frank and best lady rifle Francis.

7. If you had to describe your relationship with Frank the Pug by using an analogy to another famous romance, which would it be?

Was there a famous romance that described loving a nude, hairy, mentally disabled person of the same sex that occasionally shits on the rug? If so, I really want to see it.

Not quite, but close: The Sound and The Fury by William Faulkner, Wikipedia.

Perhaps Marley and Me?

Make sure to follow rk’s adventures on Facebook and Twitter. He’s fairly prolific on the avenues of social media, and some of his posts are even very funny. If you can’t catch him in the flesh and want some of his product, stalk him on the aforementioned sites because he’s slightly e-commerce impaired and has no functioning online store, though he does accept credit cards and PayPal.

Till next time, may Magic be your...sassy guy in a raspberry wig? And your darkly hopeful pen.




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