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Mox Deck Box & Deck Protectors Promotion


Ultra Pro will be making a very limited print-run of a deckbox that uses the special versions of the mox art by artist Volkan Baga. We have included the bigger versions of the art below.

[easybox]This promotion is similar to the Magic 15th Anniversary/Power 9 promotion which was very successful worldwide!

NOTE: This will be a LIMITED production run. If you do not order, you might not get any. Expect Allocations.

At this time we are only allowed to show 4 out of the 6 images. The Mox Diamond will be the Deck Protector (not shown).

  • 4-color printed with Gold hotstamp foil Deckbox featuring specially commissioned art of the Original 5 moxes!
  • Includes 80 ct. Exclusive Regular Sized Horizontal Deck Protectors of the Mox Diamond art
  • Details of the promotion inside each deckbox with up to 250 chances to win!
  • Prizes include the Grand Prize of the Black Lotus White Border card in NM/M condition + UltraPRO products + Limited Edition Numbered Mox Play Mat and other prizes such as the Mox Sapphire White Border (NM/M) card and Mox Jet White Border (NM/M) card, and more!
  • Winners will be drawn on or around 2/1/11

[gallery link="file"]

You will find the art on Wizards' site here. This has been given as a special oversized card to the winners of GenCon Championships. This is the first time they've put this art in a form attainable to the general public.

What about the Reserve List?

In the prizes section, you'll see they're giving away pieces of power in this promotion. These are not reprints with new art, these will be Unlimited pieces of power. Probably part of the Zendikar "Treasure" trove which they have had left over.


We received no official dates of when this product would be available. Our best guess is within the next few months.

Limited time 30% buy trade in bonus buylist