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MTG Scholarship Charity Launches - Gamers Helping Gamers


Given Jon Finkel's sudden burst of fame, plans for a charitable organization aimed at helping Magic players has been pushed out the door with a sparse website to try to best take advantage of his sudden popularity. With a spartan website a group of Magic pros including Jon Finkel announce their intentions to create this organization to help other gamers: Gamers Helping Gamers.

The content of their announcement:

Gamers Helping Gamers, Inc.


Gamers Helping Gamers is a charitable corporation founded by some long time Magic: The Gathering players. The founders of the charity have played Magic since 1993 and we have seen far too many smart and talented Magic players who never quite made it through college. We hope to build a scholarship and mentoring program to help our fellow gamers.


We aim to provide need based scholarships to college for promising students in the Magic community. Our specific goals on the size and number of scholarships are still somewhat up in the air, as that will be dependent on our fund raising.

How to Donate

Gamers Helping Gamers is a not-for profit incorporated under New York state law. We are currently applying for federal 501(c)(3) status but it has not been granted yet. Until then donations to the organization are not exempt from federal taxes. We plan to accept donations soon (once we get a bank account set up and the like). Until then please email us at: info@gamershelpinggamers.org. We can answer any questions you may have and we promise that we will follow up with you once we are able to take your money.

Again, to donate please email: info@gamershelpinggamers.org

How to Apply for a Scholarship

We will have an application on the website in the fall 2011. Applicants will be required to demonstrate need. Further details to follow.

About Us

Gamers Helping Gamers was founded in 2011. The initial Board of Directors is Tim McKenna, Eric Berger and Jon Finkel. The organization is still in its early stages and we plan on shortly having a six person board with Chris Pikula, Bob Maher Jr, and Matthew Wang also serving.

Many Magic players have helped in the formation of this undertaking. The members of the finkeldraft mailing list contributed their ideas and helped turn the initial idea into something that could actually work. Special thanks to the good people at gourmetgaming.com for their technical assistance.

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