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Kaldheim Limited Set Review: White and Blue


Set review season is here again, and even though I know this will be yet another Limited set that I can not share with my friends, I am still excited to see what Kaldheim will bring. I have always been a fan of Norse mythology and can't wait to see what unique twist Wizards of the Coast will put on all my favorite characters and stories. Let's jump right in with White and Blue today.

This article is the first of four, and in it I will be evaluating every White and Blue card, minus the Modal Double-Face Cards coming in a later article, and scoring them on a scale of 1-5. These ratings are purely based on Limited formats and have no bearing on Constructed play. I would also like to note these ratings are based on how I believe the card will perform in an AVERAGE Sealed or Draft deck. Often this means a lower score for cards with great potential in a highly synergistic deck.

Rating - Explanation

1 - Ideally not making the cut in any of my Limited decks.

2 - Not good, but a necessity for curve filling and smoothing out draws.

3 - Value cards I am happy to fill my deck with.

4 - Cards to get excited about and Premium Removal.

5 - Reserved for cards that will win the game if left unanswered.


Axgard Braggart
Axgard Braggart - 2.5 - Typically, four-mana 3/3s are nothing to get excited about, but this one is better than most. The Boast ability leaves a +1/+1 counter on the creature making a much bigger threat the longer it lives. It is also a desirable creature type. I am never actively looking for this card but happy to pick them up late in the pack.
Battershield Warrior
Battershield Warrior - 2.5 - A little expensive for the stats. This creature shines in a deck that can curve out or produce a lot of tokens.
Battlefield Raptor
Battlefield Raptor - 1.5 - One-mana fliers typically don't provide enough power to justify playing. With a few auras this can get better, but auras is typically not the deck I want to be in.
Beskir Shieldmate
Beskir Shieldmate - 3 - Everything about this card is aggressive. This cheap creature will trade well and replace itself allowing an aggressive deck to keep a stronger presence on the board. Also play this with sacrifice synergies or mass pump spells.
Bound in Gold
Bound in Gold - 3.5 - Most sets contain a White removal Aura and they are always great to have. Getting to place this on more than just creatures is extremely helpful and will be used more than one might think.
Clarion Spirit
Clarion Spirit - 3 - Any deck can trigger this card's ability and that makes it worth taking in any White deck. If taken early enough it is possible to build a deck with some amazing synergy that will make this card absolutely nuts. Draw spells and cards that cycle become far more valuable after drafting this card.
Codespell Cleric
Codespell Cleric - 1.5 - Without cards that offer huge payoffs for playing a second spell per turn, this is not something I am looking to play. Some extremely aggressive decks that utilize combat tricks or cards like Battershield Warrior might also find room for this card.
Divine Gambit
Divine Gambit - 2.5 - I consider this late game removal. Casting it too early might help an opponent, so I would recommend playing later in the game when they either have no cards in hand or when you suspect it is mostly lands and removal they are holding. Possibly a turn after they do not cast a creature with mana open.
Doomskar - 4 - Board clears are always nice to have in a deck. It's a button you can hit to reset the game if you are behind. Sometimes it is a dead card if you are winning, and sometimes it allows you to get out of a bad situation by killing 2-5 creatures for one card. When possible try to hold a few creatures in hand and foretell Doomskar to ensure an advantage on the board.
Doomskar Oracle
Doomskar Oracle - 2 - The base stats are fine for a filler card, and any deck will get some life gain triggers. The upside to this card is a bit higher than normal because its ability and creature type pair well with several deck themes in the set. I suspect decks will get more value for this than it is worth on its face.
Giant Ox
Giant Ox - 1 - This is a late pick up for a sideboard against overly aggressive decks. The crew ability is basically a blank text box.
Glorious Protector
Glorious Protector - 4.5 - Nothing on this card is particularly powerful, but it does so many different things that it becomes an extremely powerful package. This Angel can be a surprise blocker and healer, it can save a creature by temporarily exiling it in response to removal, and it is a big enough evasive creature that it demands an answer. Excited to play this in ANY White deck.
Gods' Hall Guardian
Gods' Hall Guardian - 2 - This is strictly a filler card that some decks will need when they are short on playables. Nothing to be excited about, but good to pick up just in case.
Goldmaw Champion
Goldmaw Champion - 2.5 - Ideal in an aggressive deck that can take advantage of the boast ability. It is cheap enough to make it possible to also either progress the board or remove other creatures.
Invoke the Divine
Invoke the Divine - 1 - Actively looking to pick these up in best of three when there is nothing playable for the main deck. It's not a great card, but worth having if you can pick them up for free.
Iron Verdict
Iron Verdict - 3.5 - Most sets have this type of White removal. I have always been a fan of them. Even though it does require the creature to be tapped, it is instant speed so it doesn't actually have to hit you. It is also playable with cards like Goldmaw Champion and Icebind Pillar to force an ideal target to tap.
Kaya's Onslaught
Kaya's Onslaught - 2.5 - Typically not a fan of combat tricks that cost 3 mana, but this card brings a lot to the table. People are less likely to play around this because it is uncommon. Foretell helps with the more expensive cost and makes it a well-rounded combat trick.
Master Skald
Master Skald - 2.5 - The format has a lot of powerful Sagas and a bunch of other enchantments and artifacts, so it is likely this will be able to find a few targets in any deck. The better the Sagas in your deck the better this gets.
Rally the Ranks
Rally the Ranks - 1 / 3.5 - The value of this card ranges wildly. A deck needs 5+ creatures of the same type to be playable, and 10 to become good.
Resplendent Marshal
Resplendent Marshal - 4 - Any deck can benefit from this card's ability. If picked early enough it is a great build around that will add an insane amount of value to a board. Even if the deck shares no creature types it is still a great creature that will end games quickly if left unanswered.
Revitalize - 1 - If you are short on playable cards this can be used as a cycler, but not likely to be played in most decks. There are cards with lifegain payoffs and if you have enough of them this might be a good card to make room for.
Righteous Valkyrie
Righteous Valkyrie - 4 - This card is nuts. On its own it is a good creature, but with any lifegain synergy it becomes HUGE. It even helps gain life to make its own ability trigger. Look for cards like Rune of Sustenance after picking this card.
Rune of Sustenance
Rune of Sustenance - 1.5 - This Rune cycle is nice because each one draws a card to replace itself. The extra card makes having an enchanted creature removed far less devastating. This Rune might be the worst of the cycle. Make sure to cast this when the creature cannot be removed in response to avoid losing the draw ability.
Runeforge Champion
Runeforge Champion - 2 - Three-mana 2/3s are fine to help fill a curve, but it is unlikely to find any targets in most decks. Do not fill a deck full of Runes to play this card. You will end up with a hand full of Runes and nothing to use them on.
Search for Glory
Search for Glory - 1 - The average deck MIGHT have one card worth searching up, but that does not make this sort of tutor worth playing. A deck would be 3+ game ending targets that are flexible enough to justify playing this.
Shepherd of the Cosmos
Shepherd of the Cosmos - 2.5 - Many decks will not have enough creatures worth getting back that cost 2 mana - Making this an overpriced flier. If the deck has 4+ 2-drops that are not total trash I am far more excited to play this card.
Sigrid, God-Favored
Sigrid, God-Favored - 4 - Though the two White mana makes it a bit tricky to cast, it is still a great card. The large amount of keywords are already strong, but getting to Oblivion Ring a creature at instant speed is nuts.
Spectral Steel
Spectral Steel - 1.5 - This can be decent if the deck has 2+ targets it can get back from the graveyard. I often avoid aura spells in Limited so I doubt my decks will have enough to make this useful.
Stalwart Valkyrie
Stalwart Valkyrie - 3 - An aggressive deck will likely have creatures in the graveyard early making this easy to cast for 2 mana. 2-drop, 3-drop, this + pump or removal - seems strong. Even at 4 mana it's a fine flier that will typically see play in most formats.
Starnheim Courser
Starnheim Courser - 3 - The creature itself is fine, but the lower casting cost will get value in just about any deck. If the deck has a lot of synergy this becomes a lot better.
Starnheim Unleashed
Starnheim Unleashed - 5 - This bomb is flexible because it does not have the downside of being a dead card in the early game. If drawn in an opening hand, just play it on turn four and kill them with a big evasive creature, and if drawn later it can absolutely win games in a single turn. One White Foretell cost even means it can be splashed!!
Story Seeker
Story Seeker - 2.5 - This card has a fair amount of upside with any lifegain synergy. On its own, it is just a bear that will gain 2-4 life.
Usher of the Fallen
Usher of the Fallen - 3 - This seems great in an aggressive deck. It is likely to trade up and create a replacement creature. RNJesus help an opponent on the draw who does not play a creature until turn three.
Valkyrie's Sword
Valkyrie's Sword - 2.5 - Typically I don't like to run a bunch of equipment, but this comes in with a creature so that removes all of the downside. The equip is too expensive on its own so I would consider this a 7-drop curve topper.
Valor of the Worthy
Valor of the Worthy - 1 - This card doesn't do enough to make it worth playing. Both in and out of play it has extremely low impact on the board.
Warhorn Blast
Warhorn Blast - 1.5 - Great in aggressive decks. If the deck has 16+ creatures and ways to make tokens I am always trying to play one of these - no more than one. Not playable in any other deck.
Wings of the Cosmos
Wings of the Cosmos - 2 - This is not a card I am actively looking for. It is cheap enough to play if the deck has room or is short on playables. I would also consider this card higher with strong Boast abilities that I wanted to ensure get activated more than once.

Top 3 White Commons:

  1. Bound in Gold
  2. Iron Verdict
  3. Stalwart Valkyrie


Alrund's Epiphany
Alrund's Epiphany - 4 - Most of the value in this card is getting the extra turn, but fliers help a lot if this is being played defensively. Getting two turns to add creatures or play removal can turn around a losing game really fast.
Annul - 1 - This is a great card to pick up late in a pack if you are playing best of 3 for the sideboard.
Ascendant Spirit
Ascendant Spirit - 1 / 4 - The value of this card has an extremely large range. For this to be good, your deck would need to hit 3 snow lands really consistently.
Augury Raven
Augury Raven - 2.5 - Slightly better than the typical four-mana flier we see at common. Better than low end filler, but nothing to get excited about.
Avalanche Caller
Avalanche Caller - 2 / 3.5 - The base stats are good enough to play if the deck needs 2-drops to fill the curve, but it does have a huge upside with even just a few snow lands. In a deck with a lot of snow interaction this card will be amazing.
Behold the Multiverse
Behold the Multiverse - 3 - There is no reason not to pick this card up when possible. It is slightly better late game than a Divination, but does not have the ability to help smooth land draws in the early game.
Berg Strider
Berg Strider - 2.5 - The range on this card is small. It's a solid size body with a medium ability. A bit expensive, but likely to make it into a fair amount of decks.
Bind the Monster
Bind the Monster - 3 - An interesting twist to the typical Blue aura removal. Being able to cast this early for such a low mana cost means you will save or break even on life.
Brinebarrow Intruder
Brinebarrow Intruder - 1 - Not excited to play this low impact 1-drop. It is possible to trade up by using it as a combat trick, but it just doesn't leave enough on the board.
Cosmos Charger
Cosmos Charger - 4 - On its own this is a good size flier that can close out games. It also has a great text box full of useful abilities. Instant speed threats or blockers are always game changers and it also helps ramp out other foretell cards, giving you a huge edge early.
Cyclone Summoner
Cyclone Summoner - 3.5 - This creature is a bit expensive to play, but once it gets played it will be a huge tempo swing. 7 mana is not difficult to find in Sealed and even playable in draft as a one of. If not playing against a deck that is not overly aggressive the value of this card goes up.
Depart the Realm
Depart the Realm - 3 - 2-mana bounce spells are always great to play. Picking these up any time I have the chance.
Disdainful Stroke
Disdainful Stroke - 1.5 - Not something highly sought after, but pick it up when possible for the sideboard in best of three. This card is either amazing or trash.
Draugr Thought-Thief
Draugr Thought-Thief - 2 - Filler card if 3-drops are needed. Not thrilled to play this card and hopefully cutting it if there are enough playables.
Frost Augur
Frost Augur - 1 / 3.5 - Getting both lands and spells of the top of the deck can be extremely valuable. This is unplayable with anything less than 10 snow cards, but the ceiling is high as the deck passes that point.
Frostpeak Yeti
Frostpeak Yeti - 2 - The base stats are not great for the mana cost, however, with a fair amount of snow lands this Yeti can become a real threat and close out stalled games quickly. If you're not building snow, look for a better 4-drop.
Frostpyre Arcanist
Frostpyre Arcanist - 1.5 - Playing this for 4 mana is a decent body only if the deck has enough Wizards. The spell text will only be valuable if you have at least three copies of a good spell or two copies of three different spells. Do not play bad spells to justify playing this.
Giant's Amulet
Giant's Amulet - 2.5 - The equipment cycle isn't exciting. The equip costs are too high for what they provide. If you play these, it is important to cast them for the creature cost. I would consider playing this if I have a few creatures with abilities worth protecting.
Glimpse the Cosmos
Glimpse the Cosmos - 2 - At its base this card can help smooth early game draws or dig for answers when needed. It is card advantage if the deck can produce a few Giants. There is no rush to cast this the second time, so you don't need too many Giants to make this card way more exciting.
Graven Lore
Graven Lore - 3 - Draw spells at instant speed are always something I want to play. This allows you to hold up counterspells or combat tricks without missing the opportunity to draw if an opportunity for the other cards does not present itself.
Icebind Pillar
Icebind Pillar - 1 / 4 - Cheap to cast and has a low cost to activate if the deck has a fair amount of snow lands. This card is either amazing or trash.
Icebreaker Kraken
Icebreaker Kraken - 1 - Do you have 8+ snow lands? No? Then stop looking at this card.
Inga Rune-Eyes
Inga Rune-Eyes - 3.5 - Getting to count an opponent's creatures in the death total will make this reasonably easy to trigger. It's a bit expensive for a 3/3, but it comes with some nice card advantage and some draw smoothing.
Karfell Harbinger
Karfell Harbinger - 2.5 - This mana dork will help stall against a more aggressive deck, and ramp out foretell cards. I am happy to run this in any of my Blue decks.
Littjara Kinseekers
Littjara Kinseekers - 2.5 - Getting two creatures on the board with a matching creature type is not hard in this set, so getting the bonus counter shouldn't be difficult. It is a decent size body even without the counter and will help any other creature type synergies you might have.
Mists of Littjara
Mists of Littjara - 2 - Low end removal if needed. Very situational, but it can be decent in many situations. Not excited to play this in most decks.
Mistwalker - 2.5 - Changeling is a nice bonus to an already decent creature. This bird's large booty stops aggressive decks and turns into an evasive beater in the late game. Happy to play this card in all Blue decks.
Mystic Reflection
Mystic Reflection - 2.5 - I love that this can target any creature on the board. It is limited because there has to be something worth copying and you need at least one weaker creature in hand to get value. It is card disadvantage unless you can produce tokens with any consistency.
Orvar, the All-Form
Orvar, the All-Form - 3.5 - Always playing this card. Even with only a few targeting spells this card becomes really strong. Even defensively bouncing your own creatures becomes nuts! The ceiling on this card is very high based on spell count.
Pilfering Hawk
Pilfering Hawk - 2.5 - Any non-zero amount of snow land in your deck is enough to play this card. It can fill out a curve and get a little damage in until the deck finds a snow land. Often you want to loot later in the game anyway to toss extra lands.
Ravenform - 2 - This is a cheap removal spell for Blue. You do have to deal with the flier it leaves behind, but sometimes any removal is better than none. White/Blue or Blue/Green might want to run this just to make up for not having access to as much removal as the other combinations.
Reflections of Littjara
Reflections of Littjara - 2 / 3.5 - There is enough overlap in creature types that some decks will be able to support this and get value out of it, but not much. 8+ creatures that share a type is where a deck starts to want this card.
Run Ashore
Run Ashore - 2.5 - This card is hard to evaluate because it is so expensive. The effect is powerful, but the deck that runs it needs to survive to the late game. Ideally, I would pick this up for a sideboard against a slow deck with large creatures.
Rune of Flight
Rune of Flight - 2 - The rune cycle as a whole seems unexciting. This one is more playable than most. Look for cards that incentivize dealing combat damage to players when considering this card.
Saw It Coming
Saw It Coming - 2 - This is a Cancel with a bit more flexibility. Never excited to play this card in my drafts, but always happy to have them in my sideboard. It is fine to play if the deck has room.
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning - 2 - The average deck will end up cutting this card, but if a deck is short of playables or has a large number of high quality cards you might want to consider this higher.
Undersea Invader
Undersea Invader - 2 - Far more likely to play this card in Sealed than Draft, but sometimes you just need a big idiot to top of your curve. This will get played. I won't be happy about it.

Top 3 Blue Commons:

  1. Bind the Monster
  2. Behold the Multiverse
  3. Depart the Realm

After looking at White and Blue I am excited to see how aggressive this format will actually be. White seemed to be a bit more aggressive than normal, while Blue seemed HIGHLY based around synergies and larger creatures. After tomorrow's article we will have a better idea what our ideal color and theme pairs are.

These articles are used for the draft ratings on Untapped.gg, and because of this we will be updating them periodically with new information and insight. Comments and discussions help me improve the articles and provide the best information for both other readers and Untapped.gg. So please feel free to comment below and give me your thoughts.

Thank you for reading. See you tomorrow!

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