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Streets of New Capenna Limited Set Review: White and Blue


Welcome to another Magic: The Gathering Limited set review! Kamigawa was fun, but it is time to move away from the bright neon lights and look to a fun new Plane filled with demonic crime families. The Plane of New Capenna is set in a futuristic 1920s, so be ready for pinstriped suits, and beautiful art deco architecture. Let's check it out!

This article is the first of four, and in it I will be evaluating every White and Blue card - scoring them on a scale of 1-5. These ratings are purely based on Limited formats and have no bearing on Constructed play. I would also like to note these ratings are based on how I believe the card will perform in an AVERAGE Sealed or Draft deck. Often this means a lower score for cards with great potential in a highly synergistic deck.

Rating - Explanation

1- Ideally not making the cut in any of my Limited decks.

2- Not good, but a necessity for curve filling and smoothing out draws.

3- Value cards I am happy to fill my deck with.

4- Cards to get excited about and Premium Removal.

5- Reserved for cards that will win the game if left unanswered.


Angelic Observer
Angelic Observer - 2 / 3 - Many will see at Angelic Observer and immediately overlook it. 6 mana is a lot, even for Limited, but as we have seen with cards like Sky-Blessed Samurai these creatures can often be cast for much less than expected. Sets are built with these synergies in mind and cards like this have become much better over time.
Backup Agent
Backup Agent - 2.5 - Backup Agent is a fairly common 2-drop in most sets, though we typically see it printed in Green. As far as cheap creatures go, it's always fine. The extra flexibility of getting to move the +1/+1 counter onto another creature is a nice bonus.
Ballroom Brawlers
Ballroom Brawlers - 2.5 - Though Ballroom Brawlers is rather tough to evaluate on its own. 5 mana for a 3/5 with a decent ability is well above rate, but the deck does need a higher volume of creatures to ensure that it can make the most of this card. Overall, this is definitely above rate, but only time will tell by how much.
Boon of Safety
Boon of Safety - 3 - One-mana combat tricks are always fun to play. This shield effect is flexible because it works well outside of combat as well. Getting to dodge many types of removal is key in creature heavy decks. This will play a lot like a Snakeskin Veil.
Brokers Initiate
Brokers Initiate - 1.5 - It takes a really special 1-drop to make it in my decks. I find that they are typically too low impact to be worth playing, but there are exceptions of course. Picking up a few of these Brokers late in the draft for the sideboard against more aggressive decks will be nice, but I doubt this will make the cut in most decks. With decent citizen synergies I can see giving this a .5-1 point score bonus.
Buy Your Silence
Buy Your Silence - 3.5 - Sorcery speed removal spells are never exciting, but that's what we get in White and I am not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Giving an opponent a treasure in a three-color set is not ideal, but it's a lot less likely to make a huge impact on their mana base after turn five. Another important thing to mention is that it exiles rather than destroys. This will be key against decks with shield tokens.
Celebrity Fencer
Celebrity Fencer - 2.5 - Celebrity Fencer is definitely below rate the turn it's played, but it won't take long before it gets massively out of hand. With so many citizen tokens in the format this will likely be a solid inclusion in any creature-heavy deck.
Citizen's Crowbar
Citizen's Crowbar - 3 - I love equipment that comes into play with a creature token. The fear is that there won't always be a creature to attach this too, but that's not an issue with this as it is an on rate creature itself. It's always nice to get incidental enchantment & artifact removal in your deck as well. I'm happy to include this solid 2-drop in any deck.
Dapper Shieldmate
Dapper Shieldmate - 2 - Definitely not an exciting 4-drop. The shield counter is nice, but it will likely trade with something like a citizen token. The inability to block effectively with this creature makes it a lot less likely that this will see much play.
Depopulate - 4 - Four-mana board clears are always great in Limited. The downside of the opponent drawing one replacement card is minimal because if you are casting a wrath you are likely already gaining massive card advantage. With citizen tokens being multicolored it is just as likely it draws you a card.
Elspeth Resplendent
Elspeth Resplendent - 5 - Elspeth is always a fan favorite Planeswalker, and the high power level on this one means this will be no exception. Though Elspeth is not an instant win in Limited, it is still extremely strong. I am excited to see the return of ability counters. Getting to play with these in Ikoria and a bit in Kamigawa I have really started to enjoy them.
Extraction Specialist
Extraction Specialist - 3 - Extraction Specialist is the perfect Limited rate. It is not game-ending, but it is powerful. This above rate creature does everything I want a White creature to do. Definitely a rare that will be overlooked at the start of the set.
Gathering Throng
Gathering Throng - 1 / 2 - The thing I like most about Gathering Throng is the creature type. Citizens are important in this set and getting a bunch of card advantage can be huge. The correct number of these is 3-5 and I am not likely to run this without those citizen synergies.
Giada, Font of Hope
Giada, Font of Hope - 3.5 - The power level of Giada will depend entirely on the amount of Angels the deck has, but even if the deck has none, this is still an above rate evasive 2-drop that the opponent will have to spend removal on. The upside on this card is huge and this will always make the cut.
Halo Fountain
Halo Fountain - 4 - Halo Fountain is an interesting alternate win condition. It seems like it can just make creatures until it ultimately wins the game, but it actually requires creatures to get into combat to make more and that only works when you have decent attacks. A neat trick to consider when running Halo Fountain is one of the vehicles in the set. There are a few and they allow you to tap as many creatures as you'd like without putting that at risk in combat.
Hold for Ransom
Hold for Ransom - 3 - White always gets an aura removal spell, and they all do something a little different based on the set's theme. Though the card name and ability is incredibly flavorful, this is by far one of my least favorite. I hate the idea that there is a built-in way for the opponent to free their creature. This means late in the game this might just end up being a dead card. It does replace itself, so it's not bad, but I will continue to pout about it...
Illuminator Virtuoso
Illuminator Virtuoso - 1.5 / 3 - Being low impact on its own, it is not likely that Illuminator Virtuoso will find a home in every White deck, but there will be a few that have enough ways to target or equip him that it will become more than worth it to run these. Definitely more of a synergy build around.
Inspiring Overseer
Inspiring Overseer - 3.5 - We have seen this card before with Cloudkin Seer...but it wasn't White! Unconditional card draw in White attached to a solid creature?! I think someone at Wizards hit their head. This is one of the best commons in the set, if not the best. I would run 5+ of these if given the chance.
Kill Shot
Kill Shot - 3.5 - This will be the number one card to bluff when playing White. This removal spell typically targets attacking or blocking creatures so this is less flexible, but this also kills more creatures so I would say it balances out making this a solid removal spell.
Knockout Blow
Knockout Blow - 3.5 - The mana cost is a bit high to make this exciting, but decent removal is always worth picking up. The mana discount will likely come up often enough.
Mage's Attendant
Mage's Attendant - 3 - Getting a bonus creature is always great. Getting 4/3 worth of stats spread across 2 bodies for only 3 mana is well above rate. The ability on the 1/1 is meh but that doesn't even matter!
Mysterious Limousine
Mysterious Limousine - 4 - Mysterious Limousine is definitely one of the more interesting vehicles we have seen. Getting to remove the biggest threat on the board is a huge perk to this vehicle, but it can also get creatures back from aura removal spells or retrigger ETB effects. I love everything about the flexibility and flavor here.
Patch Up
Patch Up - 1 - This will be a sweet build-around card in Constructed but not exciting in Limited. There are simply not enough playable 1-drops to make this worth considering.
Rabble Rousing
Rabble Rousing - 3 - The Hideaway ability is a bit too inconsistent in Limited to consider it true card advantage. That said the ability on most of these cards are worth playing on their own. With a few unblockable Fish tokens or Inspiring Overseers, this enchantment will easily get out of hand.
Raffine's Guidance
Raffine's Guidance - 1.5 - Getting to play Raffine's Guidance from the graveyard removes the typical risks of aura spells but this is too low impact.
Raffine's Informant
Raffine's Informant - 3 - With the number of 3/2s in the format this will likely trade up without the connive ability. Getting a 2-drop that is on rate and can find lands early or loot away flooded draws is amazing. This is likely one of the top White commons.
Refuse to Yield
Refuse to Yield - 2 - Combat tricks that untap are always fun to play because people never see them coming. A big booty is also a nice bonus. Worth playing if the deck has room, but an easy cut when needed.
Revelation of Power
Revelation of Power - 2.5 - Without other counters in the deck this combat trick leaves a lot to be desired, but getting to Mighty Leap something and give it flying permanently is very cool. The power level of this combat trick will vary drastically based on the deck,
Rumor Gatherer
Rumor Gatherer - 3.5 - White scry and card draw is always nice to see. This might be tough to cast early in a three-color set, but it is more than worth playing. With the amount of token generation in the set, this will get some serious value.
Sanctuary Warden
Sanctuary Warden - 5 - I typically only give 5 ratings to cards that leave a lasting impact on the board when answered right away, but the two shield counters makes it a lot less likely to be answered early. This is definitely a game winning bomb.
Sky Crier
Sky Crier - 1.5 - One-mana fliers with lifelink are always a great rate, but the ability on this creature is not worth the extra mana. This is the type of card draw we typically see in White and it is not worth playing most of the time.
Speakeasy Server
Speakeasy Server - 2.5 - There is a limit to the number of 5-drops a deck can support, so though this flier is perfectly reasonable, be careful not to run too many of these. Nothing exciting but playable.
Swooping Protector
Swooping Protector - 2.5 - Four-mana fliers typically have 3 power to be considered playable, but the shield counter and flash ability more than compensate for the loss of stats here. The flexibility is a good addition to any deck.

Top 3 White Commons

  1. Inspiring Overseer
  2. Kill Shot
  3. Buy Your Silence


A Little Chat
A Little Chat - 2 - Needing to sacrifice a creature to get the second card means any creature light deck will find it hard to get good value out of this card. There is better card draw in the format for those decks, but any deck with tokens will love this. The value is there and being an instant is an amazing bonus.
All-Seeing Arbiter
All-Seeing Arbiter - 4.5 - Who doesn't love game ending creatures with built in card advantage? This is everything I want from the top end of a Limited deck, and I would expect nothing less from one of Blue's premier mythics.
An Offer You Can't Refuse
An Offer You Can't Refuse - 1 - It is a shame they wasted such a cool card name on an unplayable counter. Yes, this will likely be played in Constructed, but flavor matters so much less in Standard! Anyway, not a card I am ever playing in my original 40 cards, but decent for the sideboard.
Backstreet Bruiser
Backstreet Bruiser - 2.5 - Sometimes Blue decks just need solid 2-drops that can block and trade well. The last few 2-mana 3/3 defenders have impressed me and have seen a lot more play than you might expect.
Brokers Veteran
Brokers Veteran - 2 - Slightly below-rate creature on its own, but if it gets to put a shield counter on another creature it's definitely worth playing. Creature-heavy decks are far more likely to be looking for this ability.
Case the Joint
Case the Joint - 3 - Looking at the top card of each deck isn't worth the extra mana compared to Divination, but being instant speed is. Getting to hold open removal or countermagic without wasting a turn is exactly what I want my Blue decks to be doing.
Cut Your Losses
Cut Your Losses - 1 - Not a Limited playable card. There is not enough mill support in this format to make this a reasonable alternate win condition. This is not going to stop me from trying though...
Disdainful Stroke
Disdainful Stroke - 2 - Stroke will always find a target. This is a 23rd playable card in a deck with room, and I am always looking to pick these up for the sideboard for games that go long.
Echo Inspector
Echo Inspector - 3 - For only a common, this evasive creature has a lot to offer. Getting to smooth draws while also getting this solid creature is a bargain. This will likely be a staple for any Blue deck.
Errant, Street Artist
Errant, Street Artist - 2 - Solid build around card for casualty decks. Low impact on its own and will not see a ton of play.
Even the Score
Even the Score - 2 - The cost discount will likely never come up in Limited so only play this if there is a lot of fixing in the deck. As this is a three-color format, I am likely to pass on this most of the time and just take one of the common card draw spells instead.
Expendable Lackey
Expendable Lackey - 2.5 - Now this is a 1-drop I can get behind! Getting to use the 1st 1/1 as a casualty sacrifice for cards like A Little Chat while still getting another creature is some great value. These little fish tokens are also going to win a lot more games than people might expect.
Faerie Vandal
Faerie Vandal - 2.5 - Faerie Vandal is a reprint from Throne of Eldraine and even though it was good then it will likely see a lot less play in Capenna because the card draw support is much weaker in this set. That said it will only take 1 or 2 triggers to get enough value to make this playable.
Hypnotic Grifter
Hypnotic Grifter - 2 - Low impact in the early game but gives a lot of value later in the game as it smooths card draws and replaces extra lands with playable spells. Not exciting, but definitely playable.
Ledger Shredder
Ledger Shredder - 3.5 - Ledger Shredder is a solid early creature that only gets better the longer it's on the battlefield. Getting to connive any time a player plays two spells a turn is a huge bonus. Getting to loot for land drops early and to pitch excess lands late is worth getting excited about.
Majestic Metamorphosis
Majestic Metamorphosis - 2.5 - Each set this ability is printed the more playable it gets. This instant speed spell is a combat trick, a finisher, and even replaces itself. This is playable in a deck that has room for a combat trick.
Make Disappear
Make Disappear - 1.5 - Counterspells that only tax spells are tough to play in Limited. At some point they just become dead cards. The Broker decks might be interested in running this if they have a few citizen token generators.
Obscura Initiate
Obscura Initiate - 3 - Wind Drake+ is always worth playing. 3-mana fliers can win games on their own, and the extra lifelink ability is a nice bonus when in a racing situation. Obscura Initiate will see a lot of play.
Out of the Way
Out of the Way - 3 - I have always had a soft spot for bounce spells. The tempo they offer can be game changing and when it replaces itself there is no downside.
Psionic Snoop
Psionic Snoop - 1.5 - 1/4s for three-mana are decent when looking to fill the deck's curve. Psionic Snoop is a card that is likely to see a decent amount of play from the sideboard. 4 toughness creatures can be important against more aggressive decks.
Psychic Pickpocket
Psychic Pickpocket - 3 - Creatures with bounce abilities are always playable. Getting to tempo out the opponent while still building a bigger boardstate is an amazing way to win games. This creature will see a lot of play in the format.
Public Enemy
Public Enemy - 1.5 - A neat sideboard card against tokens. Getting to force an opponent into combat before they amass too many tokens can be helpful. Not a card I am ever looking to play in my main deck, but definitely something that will see some play from the sideboard in long games.
Reservoir Kraken
Reservoir Kraken - 4.5 - Reservoir Kraken is my favorite card in the whole set. There is so much value in this 4-drop it's insane. Anytime a sea creature is a game winning bomb I am a happy camper!
Rooftop Nuisance
Rooftop Nuisance - 1.5 - Having a built in cycle makes this playable when light on cards, but the deck will likely have better cards to play.
Run Out of Town
Run Out of Town - 2.5 - The downside of bounce spells is that they end up offering the opponent a card advantage in the long run. Run Out of Town is neat because it actually forces the opponent to spend a draw step to get the card back, so there is no downside, only wonderful tempo.
Security Bypass
Security Bypass - 2 - Creature auras are always risky. Getting 2-for-1ed can be game ending, but this one can also be scary. I will likely wait to bring this in from the sideboard after Game 1 if the opponent doesn't have a lot of spot removal. If unblockable doesn't end a board stall, the extra looting will.
Sewer Crocodile
Sewer Crocodile - 2 - Every deck needs a top end. 6 mana is a bit more than I want to pay, but the ability offers some late game reach. Playable if you don't happen to find anything cheaper.
Sleep With the Fishes
Sleep With the Fishes - 3.5 - Name: 11/10 This aura not only removes the opponents biggest threat but it also gives you an annoying creature. Fish are friends... not food...unless they are food for casualty.
Slip Out the Back
Slip Out the Back - 2 - Phasing doesn't retrigger ETB abilities but it does let you dodge removal and can save your creature in combat in a pinch as well. Getting a +1/+1 counter is nice and the price is right on this combat trick. Can easily be cut but nothing wrong with putting this in your deck.
Undercover Operative
Undercover Operative - 4 - 4 mana clones are always great. Being able to guarantee that this is tied for the best creature on the battlefield when it enters is a solid way to spend 4 mana. Getting a shield counter if you copy your own thing is just a nice bonus.
Wingshield Agent
Wingshield Agent - 3 - We often see the ability on Wingshield Agent on White fliers, but it can essentially get in a free attack thanks to the shield counter it comes into play with. This can definitely help to break a board stall late in the game.
Wiretapping - 3.5 - Another Hideaway rare enchantment that will give you plenty of value without ever triggering the Hideaway clause. A personal Howling Mine is always incredibly powerful and this almost guarantees that you win the long game through sheer card advantage.
Witness Protection
Witness Protection - 3.5 - Blue seriously has the most flavorful names in the set. I love them so much. Solid Blue aura removal that is worth playing in any deck.

Top 3 Blue Commons

  1. Witness Protection
  2. Case the Joint
  3. Echo Inspector

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