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AFR Limited Set Review: Green, Colorless, and Lands


Welcome back to day three!

This article is the third of four, and in it I will be evaluating all Green, Dungeon, Artifact, and Land cards - scoring them on a scale of 1-5. These ratings are purely based on Limited formats and have no bearing on Constructed play. I would also like to note these ratings are based on how I believe the card will perform in an AVERAGE Sealed or Draft deck. Often this means a lower score for cards with great potential in a highly synergistic deck.

Rating - Explanation

1- Ideally not making the cut in any of my Limited decks.

2- Not good, but a necessity for curve filling and smoothing out draws.

3- Value cards I am happy to fill my deck with.

4- Cards to get excited about and Premium Removal.

5- Reserved for cards that will win the game if left unanswered.


Bulette - 3 - Bulette is a decent creature. It only takes one trigger to get a good rate, and Bulette can be played during the second main phase after trades have been made. There are a lot of 4 mana creatures in the format, so be careful not to run too many.
Bull's Strength
Bull's Strength - 2.5 - These Green combat tricks are always fine to play if there is room. With decent creatures and removal these are often cut out of the deck early, but they are nice filler when short on payables. This one is a bit better than normal because it is so flexible. Finding a good spot to cast this will not be hard.
Choose Your Weapon
Choose Your Weapon - 1 - Both modes on Choose Your Weapon are not things I typically put in the original 40 cards, but putting them together does give some great flexibility. Pick these up for the sideboard and feel free to use them as 23rd playables when short on cards.
Circle of Dreams Druid
Circle of Dreams Druid - 1 - This is more of a Constructed card than a Limited card. ggg for a mana dork is not a great rate. By the time this is cast on turn four or five (at best) the ramp is far less important. This Dream Druid will not see much play.
Circle of the Moon Druid
Circle of the Moon Druid - 3 - This 3 drop is very flexible. It is aggressive when ahead and defends well when behind. This is a solid creature for 3 mana.
Compelled Duel
Compelled Duel - 2 - Another filler Green spell. These are fine when there is room in the deck but I would rather play them most of the time. This one specifically can be nice if the deck is short on removal, but I still would not be happy about playing it.
Dire Wolf Prowler
Dire Wolf Prowler - 2 - The creature's stats are underpowered for the mana cost. The pump ability is decent, but needing to spend extra mana each turn is not ideal. This is a decent filler card if needed.
Druid Class
Druid Class - 1.5 - This is one of the weaker Class cards. The first level will work well with any life gain synergies, and the second only provides minimal ramp. The third ability does make this fine to play because it adds a body to the board, but it's nothing exciting. I won't typically cut this card, but I won't take it highly either.
Ellywick Tumblestrum
Ellywick Tumblestrum - 4 - This is a strong Planeswalker. Her initial impact on the board is minimal, but over time she generates a ton of value. Her ultimate is also nuts. Creature heavy decks will run away with any game once that third ability is used. Her only major issue is that she has no way to protect herself once she is played. So, when possible, be sure to cast her when there is a creature that can defend her.
Elturgard Ranger
Elturgard Ranger - 3 - Spreading a creature over two bodies is often good because it gives more options when attacking or blocking. I love that the 4/1 has reach. 4 power means it can trade well with most of the dragons in the set leaving another creature behind.
Find the Path
Find the Path - 2 - This offers a small amount of upside by venturing, but that's really it. These types of land enchantments often draw cards, turn into creatures, or add colorless mana, and that makes this one very underwhelming. It is still worth playing if the deck has multiple cards over 6 mana.
Froghemoth - 4.5 - This frog is certainly a horror for an opponent. This creature has two amazing abilities (trample, haste) and it gets stronger over time if left on the field. Haste allows you to hold it until it is likely to get a clean attack to give it a stat boost right away - making it harder to kill.
Gnoll Hunter
Gnoll Hunter - 2.5 - I love these small aggressive Pack Tactics cards. They work well together and can close out games quickly with a few removal spells or combat tricks.
Green Dragon
Green Dragon - 2.5 - The ability on this dragon might be one of the worst. If your creatures are big it does nothing, if they are small it likely does nothing, and if you have no creatures it does nothing. It mostly does nothing... Maybe an opponent is at 1 and you have a 1/1 to there 10/10 and they have to block it... This really needed to have flash or work post combat in some way for it to be good.
Hill Giant Herdgorger
Hill Giant Herdgorger - 2.5 - Sometimes we just need a big dumb monster to get the job done. There are a lot of 6-drops in the format so this will likely see less play than its counterparts in other sets, but it is playable.
Hunter's Mark
Hunter's Mark - 3.5 - This is a great punch spell. These types of spells are rarely instant speed and even without the possible discount I still think it is a good rate. I would play as many as I can get.
Inspiring Bard
Inspiring Bard - 2 - 4 mana for a 3/3 is nothing exciting. Sadly, both ability modes do not leave any lasting effect on the board. I would consider this to be filler in a deck that needs a lot of creatures.
Instrument of the Bards
Instrument of the Bards - 1 - These slow building cards are rarely good in Limited. This will take a lot of time and 9 mana before it starts to get any real value. Not something I am interested in playing.
Intrepid Outlander
Intrepid Outlander - 3.5 - Giving this creature a 3.5 might be a bit high if I am being honest, but it is really good. This is better value for the mana than any other 3 rated card. This is an amazing 2-drop, and likely the best non rare 2-drop in the format.
Loathsome Troll
Loathsome Troll - 3 - Loathsome Troll does not trade well, but each time it dies it as a 55% chance to give a card advantage. With creature will over perform against slow and other creature based Green decks. Side it out against anything more aggressive.
Long Rest
Long Rest - 2 - This is a neat top end card for Green. This will likely be cast for 3 to make it really strong, but even two is decent. It is a bit expensive, so I might not play it if there are better top end creatures.
Lurking Roper
Lurking Roper - 1.5 / 3.5 - Lurking Roper is a huge blocker on turn three even without life gain. With cards like Prosperous Innkeeper and Sylvan Shepherd this can become a really scary tree.
Neverwinter Dryad
Neverwinter Dryad - 2 - A small creature that can fix mana when needed is always decent. It is moderately low impact, so I am rarely looking to play these unless the deck is mana hungry.
Ochre Jelly
Ochre Jelly - 3.5 - This is an interesting creature. I like the split ability. If each attack is getting a trade that can turn into a substantial card advantage. This Jelly is powerful and flexible.
Old Gnawbone
Old Gnawbone - 4 - It is hard to imagine that we will need the treasure tokens this creature helps make. If she can make them, she is alive, and that means they are likely dead... but it is a nice perk, I suppose.
Owlbear - 3 - Creatures that replace themselves are always nice to have. Owlbear provides a good body and card draw at a decent rate - What's not to like?
Plummet - 1 - Picking these up for the sideboard is always good, but it is even more important in this set with all the dragons flying around. I would love to always have three of these in my sideboard.
Prosperous Innkeeper
Prosperous Innkeeper - 1 / 3 - Life gain decks will love this. Pair Innkeeper with Cleric Class or Celestial Unicorn and it might just snowball into an easy win.
Purple Worm
Purple Worm - 3 - Casting Purple Worm for 5 mana is actually very easy. This huge creature is going to win some games.
Ranger Class
Ranger Class - 4.5 - This Class card is amazing! Each level is at least as good as its mana cost. Level two gives great power, and by level three it offers so much card advantage. This is even worth splashing.
Ranger's Longbow
Ranger's Longbow - 2.5 - This equipment got a slight point bump for having reach - adding an ability is this set is rather rare. There are so many dragons in this set I think this equipment will do some very good work.
Scaled Herbalist
Scaled Herbalist - 2 - 1/3s that help ramp without drawing more land are always filler. The extra ramp is nice, but might not help without the mana in hand. This is playable when short on 2-drops. It does have a bit of upside.
Spoils of the Hunt
Spoils of the Hunt - 3 - Instant speed removal in Green is always good to have, especially when it is a punch instead of a fight. Not having a reliable power boost on this card makes it a little less than premium removal although it does get slightly better when you have treasures.
Sylvan Shepherd
Sylvan Shepherd - 2.5 - Repeated lifegain triggers often overperform. A 2/3 vigilance for three is nothing special but this can trigger lifegain synergies as well as die-rolling triggers making it a little better than filler.
The Tarrasque
The Tarrasque - Meme - In all seriousness, I am likely still playing this with a few ramp / treasure spells. It is really greedy, but if it hits the board it will likely win the game. Six- and 7-drops are when I typically draw the line, but I think this is too much fun to pass up.
Underdark Basilisk
Underdark Basilisk - 2 - The last three sets we've seen a 1/1 flying, deathtouch for 2...a 1/3 deathtouch for 2, and a 1/1 deathtouch for 1... so, how about a 1/2 deathtouch for 2? Fine defensive filler, but not much else. This is good with the multiple punch removal spells in Green - Hunter's Mark and Spoils of the Hunt.
Varis, Silverymoon Ranger
Varis, Silverymoon Ranger - 4 - Every part of this card just adds to a solid base of 3/3 for 3 mana to make a great value engine. The two keywords (reach, ward 1) are nice bonuses but the real value on this card is getting to venture once per turn when you cast a creature. Plus, sometimes, you'll get a free wolf token for completing a dungeon.
Wandering Troubadour
Wandering Troubadour - 2.5 - 4 mana is a little more than I'd like to pay for a 4/2 since it will likely trade down if it attacks. However, getting to repeatedly venture is nice and this does trigger on turn four the way the ability is worded so you don't need to hold it a turn off curve to get the guaranteed value off the "landfall" trigger.
Werewolf Pack Leader
Werewolf Pack Leader - 3.5 - A two-mana 3/3 is way above rate and on its own it gets halfway to triggering Pack Tactics to draw more cards. The ability to turn itself into a 5/3 won't come up often but it's a nice added bonus.
Wild Shape
Wild Shape - 2 - All three modes of this combat trick have their uses. You can make a Spider and eat a 1-toughness flier and you can turn a small creature into a medium-size trampler to get a little extra damage through... however, the Turtle mode will be the most-often used to counter a removal spell. Snakeskin Veil was great but this doesn't get quite as high of a grade due to the awkwardness where turning it into a 1/3 can sometimes ruin combat.
You Find a Cursed Idol
You Find a Cursed Idol - 2 - This is more of a sideboard card, but it will never be a dead draw. If the deck is short on playable this is a fine 23rd card.
You Happen Upon a Glade
You Happen Upon a Glade - 3 - I love this card. It is an amazing ramp spell that doesn't punish the player when drawn later in the game. Late game Cultivates can be really hurt, but now they dont have to! Ramp and fix when you need it, or get back your best permanent - WIN WIN WIN.
You Meet in a Tavern
You Meet in a Tavern - 1 / 3 - Unlike the other cards with multiple modes that are flexible, this one needs a lot of creatures in the deck for both modes. It is a decent card in any deck with 15+ creatures.

Top Green Commons

  1. Spoils of the Hunt
  2. Owlbear
  3. Bulette


Dungeon of the Mad Mage
Dungeon of the Mad Mage - This is the longest of the three dungeons. It starts off with low impact rooms, but ramps up and into some of the higher payoff rooms. This dungeon is ideal for longer games and decks with a high number of Venture cards. Creatures that can trigger multiple rooms will make this dungeon ideal.
Lost Mine of Phandelver
Lost Mine of Phandelver - This dungeon is designed for more aggressive decks. The starting rooms are higher impact than the rest, but it does not finish very strong. This is also one of the shorter dungeons so it works for decks with a low to medium amount of venture cards.
Tomb of Annihilation
Tomb of Annihilation - This is the trickiest dungeon. The room payoffs for this can hurt both you and the opponent. I expect this to be the dungeon to see the least amount of play, but I have played it in situations where I was able to close out a game by keeping pressure high. Sometimes a few extra points of damage is all it takes. The 4/4 at the end is nice, but I still like the other two dungeons better.


Bag of Holding
Bag of Holding - 2.5 - Bag of Holding is a slow card. It allows you to smooth draws by exiling unwanted or unneeded cards until later in the game and drawing new ones. It is worth playing in slower control decks. Be careful not to wait too long to get your cards back, an opponent can destroy the bag.
The Deck of Many Things
The Deck of Many Things - 4 - 5 mana up front is a steep cost, but it is worth it. All three modes are good. They all provide great card advantage over time - Even if you can't control which you get.
Dungeon Map
Dungeon Map - 2 - This mana rock is neat. It allows for ramp in the early game but can be used later as a mana sink to get some venture value. This is worth playing in slower, more controlling decks.
Eye of Vecna
Eye of Vecna - 1.5 - Not something I am interested in for Limited. This really needs to trigger three times for it to be good value, and 6 mana and six life is not something I would like to play to draw three. With a lot of life gain this might be a consideration.
Fifty Feet of Rope
Fifty Feet of Rope - 2 - I always bought rope for my starting gear, so this must be good. 11/10 for flavor! I like the second two abilities enough for it to be worth playing if there is room in the deck. It has a little control and a little mana sink for some late game advantage.
Greataxe - 1 - That is an insane equip cost! With two Bruenor Battlehammer I might consider playing this, but very unlikely.
Hand of Vecna
Hand of Vecna - 2 - This whole Vecna cycle is not for Limited, but this equipment is decent. I would likely play this in a Blue deck with some good card draw. If you can hold onto a few extra lands late game it will likely always give a decent buff for only 2 equip cost.
Iron Golem
Iron Golem - 2.5 - Iron Golem easily trades down, but it is an aggressive creature that can put in a lot of work with a few removal spells or combat tricks. This is worth playing in most decks.
Leather Armor
Leather Armor - 1 - Only the equipment deck wants to play this. With payoff cards like Bruenor Battlehammer it might be worth considering. Likely there will be better options in the pool.
Mimic - 1.5 - I am very disappointed that something as cool as a Mimic is not playable! 0/10 for flavor and fun.
Spare Dagger
Spare Dagger - 1 - Very low impact even for an equipment. Pass!
Spiked Pit Trap
Spiked Pit Trap - 2 - There is really no downside to this card. The roll is pass and pass+. This is decent removal if the deck can't find anything better.
Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest - 1 - The 10-19 mode is the best... but everything else is either just okay or plain bad. I will be playing this as a meme but not as anything else. I can't wait to pay 7 mana to roll a 1 and cry myself to sleep.


Cave of the Frost Dragon
Cave of the Frost Dragon - 3.5 - Of the creature lands in the format, this is the best one. They are all a bit expensive to activate, so they are less powerful than ones we have seen in the past, especially since they are mono-colored and don't help fix. Always happy to replace a basic land with something more valuable though.
Den of the Bugbear
Den of the Bugbear - 3 - This land works really well with more aggressive decks. Being able to turn lands into creatures is very beneficial for decks that run out of cards quickly. Worth playing in any Red deck.
Dungeon Descent
Dungeon Descent - 1 - There are few legendary creatures in the format, but not enough to consider playing this in most decks. If you happen to have 4+ legendary creatures in only two colors it might be worth considering.
Evolving Wilds
Evolving Wilds - 3 - Mana fixing is always great. It also thins the deck a bit so that's never a bad thing. This will allow a deck to splash the pool's best bomb even when it's not in the better / Deeper colors.
Hall of Storm Giants
Halls of Storm Giants - 3 - This is free to play as an Island. It is the most expensive creature land to activate, but later in the game it will be nice to have access to. Ward also makes it far less likely to be removed.
Hive of the Eye Tyrant
Hive of the Eye Tyrant - 3 - Slightly lower impact than many of the other creature lands, but free creatures are always worth playing. There are a few cards that come out of the graveyard so this might have some upside.
Lair of the Hydra
Lair of the Hydra - 3 - I Like that this creature land scales as the game progresses. This means you can still cast spells and threaten an activation. Most of the other lands are too expensive to allow any flexibility.
Temple of the Dragon Queen
Temple of the Dragon Queen - 3 - This rare is just like an Evolving Wilds. It is worth playing anytime the deck is more than three colors.
Treasure Vault
Treasure Vault - 1 / 3 - Treasure Vault is a great addition to any treasure deck. It can also help fix for a splash. This will see some play in the format.

Overall, Green looks solid. It doesn't seem to have as many synergy cards as the other colors, but rather many solid cards that might pair well with any of the other colors and themes. The creature lands are underwhelming for rares, but very playable. Dungeons are maybe the most fun thing we looked at today and I can't wait to get more experience with them. I suspect they will be decent, but nowhere near as good as Learn/Lesson.

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow for our last article!

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