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MTG Potpourri #20 – What is an Orange Julius, Really?


Joining you this week is your host Tom Gustafson (@psgreader), formerly of Monday Night Magic for many years, as well as two esteemed cohosts in Adam Styborski (@the_stybs) and Conley Woods (@conley81). Our goal is to bring you some Magic news, some pro-level talk, random topics du jour, and a little entertainment.

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This week, we go over:

  • We jump all over the extra Commander (2014 Edition) previews. Adam really likes the new lieutenant mechanic, and Tom is all over a real-life Feldon. Conley couldn't care less and apparently slept during this segment.
  • Conley and Adam talk about the sudden spotlight on cheating at the upper levels of professional Magic.
  • And we go into the new Friday Night Magic changes.
  • Tom ends wraps up by wondering what really is in an Orange Julius.

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