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Introducing New Staff Writers


As most of you are very aware, we have had the pleasure of Dan Eckstein being the first writer we have brought on board for ManaNation.com as a regular weekly author. His column "Magic the Classroom" has regularly been among the most popular content on ManaNation.com. He writes with a great voice and a clear track as he uses his Math teacher background to explain some of the basics that every good Magic player must understand.

Well we are very excited to announce the addition of two weekly staff writers:

Benjamin McDole

Ben is a long time Magic player who hails from Tampa FL as a regular gamer at Armada Games. He is also a Level 2 judge who runs events and travels for larger events. He will be joining us to write about Judging as well as the Elder Dragon Highlander format. He is a tenured professor at a Tampa area Community College teaching various Math classes. So he joins Dan as a fellow educator who is writing for ManaNation utilizing their love of teaching to educate you all about Magic the Gathering. Benjamin's first article is an intro to EDH and will appear Tuesday.

Kelly Reid

Editor of the Magic financial blog QuietSpeculation.com, Kelly Reid will be joining us to write about the economics side of Magic. He'll be writing weekly on Thursdays about everything from trading, to predicted pricing, to explaining the secondary market and how it works, as well as anything else you all might wish to ask him! He will continue to write for his personal site, so do subscribe to it if you enjoy his articles!

And of course we have you all, the fans, submitting articles to win prize money in our monthly drawings. We're coming to the end of September and the drawing looks to be quite slim, so get your articles in as quick as possible to be entered to win!

We will have more announcements coming soon!

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