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Major Rules Change Announced for Commander


In today's Commander Banned list announcement, no new cards were banned. Instead, the way Commander's interact with the library has changed.

Previously a Commander acted as normal if returned to its owner's hand or placed into his or her library (this act was known as tucking the Commander). This is no longer the case. Now, if a Commander would be returned to its owner's library or hand it can be moved to the Command Zone instead as a replacement effect. If moved to the Command Zone, the Commander Tax applies.

The reasoning behind the changes can be found in the original post. The main points are:

  • This change will "engender as positive an experience" as possible for players
  • Tucking Commanders led to people running more tutors, a style of cardwhich the Rules Committee is trying to discourage from seeing as much play
  • Cards that tuck are focused in blue and white
  • The change cleans up corner cases for certain rules
  • As with other rules changes, reactions have been mixed.

    How does this change affect your favorite deck? What effect will it have on your latest round of updates? Magic is nothing with change and this is another in the lineage of the game.

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