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Siow Stays the Course in Toronto


Lucas Siow did not have an easy path to his Grand Prix Toronto victory. The hometown hero met Pro Tour Dragon's Maze champion Craig Wescoe in the quarterfinals. Wescoe, piloting a green and white deck (as he is known to do), was not able to keep up with Siow's more traditional Abzan Midrange stack.

In the semi-finals Siow was up against two-time Pro Tour Top 8 competitor and one of the best Standard minds on the planet in Brad Nelson. It took three games, but Siow's more controlling take on Abzan was able to dispatch Nelson's Abzan Aggro.

Finally Siow was up against fellow Canadian Edgar Magalhaes with a Mardu Dragons list. Another three game match ensued but Siow's Siege Rhinos were able to out class Magalhaes' Dragons and Goblins netting Abzan another trophy in Standard.

Congratulations to Lucas Siow - champion of Grand Prix Toronto!

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