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Calcano Hits the Jackpot at Grand Prix Atlantic City!


Over 1600 players wanted to try their luck at Dragons of Tarkir/Fate Reforged Limited at Grand Prix Atlantic City. At the end of day two eight remained to do battle and draft. The Top 8 was a star-studded affair featuring Grand Prix grinder and champion Christian Calcano, Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Stephen Neal, Pro Tour finalists Jacob Wilson and Gaudenis Vidugiris, Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Champion Alexander Hayne, and Hall of Famer (as well as Grand Prix Champion, US National Champion, and Pro Tour Champion) Luis Scott-Vargas. Atlantic City might favor the lucky at the casinos, but at the convention center, skill won out.

The finals pitted Grand Prix veterans Christian Calcano against Alexander Hayne. Calcano had an aggressive white-black deck that allowed him to dispatch Zachary Jesse and Bryan Gottleib while Hayne's red-white deck (complete with Abzan Runemark) earned him a "I beat a Pro Tour Hall of Famer" pin by defeating LSV and won the Canadian mirror match over Jacob Wilson.

It came down to the third game of the finals and the Grand Prix Krakow champion Hayne was unable to find a third land, falling to Calcano's aggressive curve. Calcano's second Grand Prix victory allowed him to defend his homeland.

Congratulations to Christian Calcano, you Grand Prix Atlantic City champion!

For more information on Grand Prix Atlantic City and Dragons of Tarkir/Fate Reforged Limited, check out the official coverage.

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