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Magnus Lantto Golden After Winning the Magic Online Championships


Magic Online lets people play Magic from the comfort of their very own home. Over the years many players including Brad Nelson, Reid Duke, and Yuuki Ichikawa have honed their skills with digital cardboard. The Magic Online Championship lets some of the internet's very best and gives them a chance to prove their skills on the Pro Tour and at the World Championship.

Twelve players descended on Seattle to try their hand at winning the crown. These players included Hall of Famer Olle Råde and Pro Tour Champions Martin Dang and Antonio Del Moral León. After two days of battling head to head on laptops, only four remained: Antonio Del Moral León, Jasper de Jong, Magnus Lantto, and Aleksa Telarov.

Jasper de Jong defeated Antonio Del Moral León in the first semifinal, using Green-White Devotion to trump the Pro Tour Fate Reforged champ's Abzan Midrange. This match sent ripple effects through the professional ranks, as if Del Moral León were able to win this event it would open up an additional At-Large slot at the World Championships. With De Jong's victory, that way remained shut.

The second semifinal saw Magnus Lantto with Atarka Devotion shut down Aleksa Telarov and Jund Megamorph. Up a game, it looked as if Telarov was going to seal the match win in game 2. Through a series of perfect draws, Lantto managed to survive and then pressed his advantage in game three to advance to the finals.

The finals were to be best of three matches - Vintage, Modern, and if needed, Standard. In the Oldest Format Lantto's Young Pyromancer Control managed to keep De Jong's Monastery Mentor control completely off balance, with Lantto connecting on three copies of Cabal Therapyduring the match when he did not know the contents of his opponent's hand.

Modern saw two different decks powered by Chord of Calling and Collected Company. Magnus used the green spells to power up an Elf deck that leaned on Elvish Archdruid and Ezuri, Renegade Leader while Jasper tried to emulate the now banned Birthing Pod deck with Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit, Viscera Seer, and either Kitchen Finks or Murderous Redcap. In the end it was Magnus' elven army that won out in two games thanks to Ezrui's ability to repeatedly cast Overrun.

Magnus Lantto's victory nets him a spot in the World Championships, a chance to compete in next year's Magic Online Championship, and membership to the Gold level of the Pro Player's Club, which will let Lantto play in the next year of Pro Tours.

Congratulations to Magnus Lantto, your 2015 Magic Online Champion!

For complete coverage of the event, including all decklists, be sure to visit the official coverage page.

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