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2014 Community Cup Team Announced


After weeks of campaigning and community submissions, the champions that will represent the community at the 2014 Magic Online Community Cup have been revealed:

  • Sean "Day[9]" Plott
  • @day9tv

    Day9 hosts the Spellslingers series on Geek and Sundry, and is widely known for playing and commentating for Starcraft.

  • Tom Ross
  • @Boss_MTG

    Tom "the Boss" Ross has been on the pro tour, and won a recent SCG invitational.

  • Scott MacCallum
  • @mrscottymac

    Scott is one of the original hosts of The Eh Team, and streams MTGO weekly, showcasing modern decklists and matchups primarily.

  • Frank Lepore
  • @franklepore

    This former Untapped podcast host recently proved he is good at opening foil Black Lotuses on his MTGO stream.

  • Dalibor Trnka
  • Dalibor is a L2 judge from Mexico that has played on the Pro Tour in past seasons.

  • Bjoern Andreasson
  • @beakid

    Bjoern is a Swedish pro level player.

  • Mariah Pagliocco
  • Mariah is a Renton area player who recently was in a serious car accident, which resulted in an ourpouring of support from the community.

  • Paul Cheon

    Paul has won 2 Grand Prix, and the Team portion of Worlds 2008.

With a mix personalities, community leaders, and streamers, who will you be most excited to follow as the team tries to hold on to the trophy?

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