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Judge Promos Moving to New Program in 2015


Today, the DCI announced that "Judge" exclusive foils will no longer be distributed through Grand Prix beginning in 2015. Instead they will be part of the to-be-announced rewards of the Exemplar Program:

The Exemplar Program will begin in 2014 for L3+judges and will be fully implemented for all judges in 2015. While judge activities will continue as before, in 2015, judges foils will only be available as part of the Exemplar Program.

[Updated] Level 5 judge Jason Lemahieu shared additional details about the Exemplar Program, clarifying it will be a recognition-based process that will award judge foils to a wider audience of judges based on their contributions to the judging community.

How this change will affect compensation and support for judges at Grand Prix isn't yet known, but with the 2015 schedule approaching fast tournament organizers will be moving to share soon.

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