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Bob Huang Forces His Will on Legacy Champs


In a format that can feature Emrakul, the Aeons Torn on turn three, the 2015 Legacy Championship was decided by 1/1 red elemental tokens and their master Young Pyromancer.

The tournament began with 744 players, which meant 11 rounds of play before a cut to the Top 8. The number of participants was so great that the elimination rounds got pushed to Sunday morning. After battling through, eight players had to grab an early breakfast to do battle on their very own day two. The Top 8 saw Legacy staples - four Delver of Secrets decks and Omni-Tell, two outsiders in Lands and Merfolk, and Modern Powerhouse SplinterTwin, souped up with dual lands and Dig Through Time.

The finals saw Bob Huang with Grixis Delver face off against Akash Naidu with Omni-Tell - a deck focused on resolving Show and Tell to put an Omniscience into play to then cast an Emrakul.


Game one went to OmniTell. Huang battled back in game two, stripping Naidu. of all red sources to prevent Pyroblast, thus stopping his opponent from dealing with blue threats. It came down to game three where Naidu seemed to have a winning hang. Huang managed to draw into enough countermagic, and coupled with Young Pyromancer managed to create a large enough army to attack for victory.

Additional on the 2015 Legacy Championships can be found here.

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