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Regional Coordinator Advisory Committee Formed


The DCI has announced the formation of the Regional Coordinator Advisory Committee. From the announcement:

The RCAC will advise Wizards and the Level 4 and 5 judges on issues arising from the Judge Program including education, knowledge management, judge and player sanctions, judge complaints, and will provide general recommendations as the need arises.

The membership of this group will include the Regional Coordinators of the Judge Program and a member of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame who has been elected to the position. The first Hall of Famer to serve is none other than Jonny Magic himself, Jon Finkel:

Jon Finkel is considered by many to be one of the greatest Magic players of all time. Fourteen Pro Tour top 8s,three Pro Tour victories (including a World Championship in 2000), former Player of the Year and US National Champion are just some of the accolades studding Finekl's mantle. His expertise and experience will serve him well on this new endeavor.

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