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FNM Format and Regional PTQ Updates


Today, during Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir coverage, the Director of Organized Play Helene Bergeot announced several updates to Magic organized play, starting with Friday Night Magic:

FNM will now have sanctioning for nearly any format imaginable, including popular casual formats such as Commander, various flavors of Draft such as Pick-a-Pack (Wacky) and Cube, and more.

In addition, promo cards typically awarded for top finishers will no longer be tied to performance. Stores will instead receive a specific amount of promo cards based on their store level on a weekly basis:

  • Core: 5
  • Advanced: 10
  • Advanced Plus: 15

Bergeot went on to revealed the locations of all of the Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers taking place April 24, 2015:

Players that qualify for a Regional PTQ can play in one anywhere in the world that day, and will receive a promo foil copy of Liliana of the Veil:

This version of Liliana will be the promo through the next three PTQ seasons. We'll continue to follow along Pro Tour coverage all weekend for more announcements.

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