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John Seaton Emerges from Battle at Grand Prix Syndey


The first Grand Prix of any limited season takes place under a microscope. Players around the world watch closely to try and gain an edge in their local drafts while those preparing for the Pro Tour see another important data point. For the 996 players, an Australian record, at Grand Prix Sydney, they just saw a chance to play Magic and a shot at the Pro Tour in Atlanta.

The tournament whittled down to 97 players on day two and in the end it was John Seaton with his blue-black Eldrazi Ingest deck against Alex Ball and his aggressive red-white deck. On this day in Sydney, the Eldrazi proved triumphant and John Seaton raised the trophy. After winning, he had this to say:

More information on Grand Prix Sydney, include all Top 8 decks, can be found in the official coverage.

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