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Lorcana Ursulas Return Singles available now!
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Fate Reforged and More at PAX Australia


Aaron Forsythe held a panel at PAX Australia this weekend, where he answered questions, revealed some cards, and announced some new products.

Friday, November 7th Update: The entire PAX Australia Magic Panel was posted today on the official Magic website.

To begin, the third set in Khans block was announced - Dragons of Tarkir

Naturally, most of the talk was about Fate Reforged, where we immediately learned the nitty-gritty of what the set is about -- Sarkhan travelling back in time to save Ugin from dying at the hands of Nicol Bolas.

The old leader of the Temur was spoiled, showing that hybrid mana is now present in this block.

Also announced was the next duel deck - Elspeth vs. Kiora.

Other small bits of information were shared -

  • A 'solution' for a colorless basic land has been found, and this will allow for a colorless Commander preconstructed deck to be created in the future.

  • Tamiyo will be subbing in for Jace soon as the "de facto" blue Planeswalker.

  • Fat Packs are in the process of being reworked to be "more newbie friendly".

What are you most excited about coming to Magic in 2015?

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