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Desert Bus for Hope 8 Raises Money for Child's Play


Play a game. Change the world.

Maybe that's an exaggeration, but Desert Bus for Hope strives to make life better for children all over the world. The charity event benefits Child's Play and funds raised during the marathon helps to improve the lives of children undergoing treatment at hospitals or housed in domestic violence shelters through video games and toys.

How does Desert Bus work? Let's ask Graham from Loading Ready Run:

And you thought your weekly game of Commander took too long.

As of this post the Desert Bus for Hope team has been driving for over four days with at least another 48 hours to go. That number can go up if and when the next donation threshold is met.

Thanks to Desert Bus for Hope you can put your love of all things Magic towards altruistic ends. There are multiple Magic related items up for grabs in auctions and giveaways. These include:

So far the marathon was raised over $343,000 as of this writing and this amount can only increase with over 48 hours left behind the wheel. Donations to the Desert Bus for Hope can be made here.

Give today because every child deserves to play.

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