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2015 Hall of Fame Voting is Open


The voting season for the 2015 Class of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame is open now, and for the first time since its inception everyone gets to vote.

While the Selection Committee of players with plenty of Pro Points, staff, long-time commentators, and others that have been important to the Pro Tour throughout its 20 year history remain the deciding contingent of ballot, a digital ballot from the community is underway. While Hall of Fame ballot articles (including my upcoming own) and other lively discussion are always interesting insight into the merits, and disagreements thereof, professional players have for each others, this is the first time the rest of the Magic community will be able to act on their perspective.

How will you choose to vote for this year's Hall of Fame class? Is there someone missing from the ballot you'd love for? Let me know in the comments below - I want to hear your thoughts as I prepare to write my own!

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