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Jace, Nissa, and Chandra SDCC Promos Spoiled


Every year, San Diego Comic Con brings many exciting things. This year, some of the most exciting news is that the Magic Origins Planeswalkers are going to be getting the same SDCC black on black promo treatment that we've seen inprevious two years. Now we know not only what Liliana is going to look like, but Jace, Nissa, and Chandra as well. Take a look and get excited, because between epic origin stories and powerful and groundbreaking new cards to play with, Magic Origins is looking to be the most exciting Core Set we've ever seen.

These designs are especially exciting because of how evocative they are of these iconic Planeswalkers, both as a character, a color, and as a callback to previous designs. Jace does everything you'd expect. He draws cards, manipulates spells, and mills opponents out. Nissa helps you develop your mana base before turning those lands into extra cards and Elementals. Chandra is a Prodigal Pyromancer with enormous upside who threatens to deal 20 points in very short succession. We may not know anything about Gideon just yet, but when the rest of the cycle is this good, he's bound to be enormously flavorful and powerful.

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