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November Writing Contest Winners


ManaNation has been enjoying an excellent flow of useful and educational articles over the past few months, and November saw a number of excellent guest writers submitting and being competitors for the $150 gift certificates up for grabs. We're happy to finally announce the winners from last month.

In 1st Place is Ryan Morlock with his piece 'States 2009 - Interview with the Baneslayer.' It gained a bit of popularity and was quite well received for its entertainment value. Ryan receives a $85 gift certificate for his piece.

In 2nd place is Samuel Blitch with 'Introducing the Grixis Swedge' though the name was debated it had a good boost in traffic from the discussions and so he ended up quite well in the rankings. Sam receives a $55 gift certificate for this article.

And in third place is Jeremy Class who wrote 'Can Vampires Compete in the Current Standard' that had an excellent bit of traffic and discussion surrounding it. Jeremy received a $40 gift certificate thanks to this deck discussion.

Congratulations to our writers!

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