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Pack to Power begins April 23rd


Pack to Power

A few weeks ago I began playing with the idea of someone trading from a common card up to a piece of power, akin to the red paperclip guy trading up to a house. It was an interesting journey to follow. So why not do it with Magic as a common to a piece of power?

So with this idea, who do I go to but the best trader I know of: MTG Metagame blogger Jon Medina. He had already blogged about his new mission to seek a piece of power, so I know he was motivated to get some. So what if we teamed up?

He's going to open a booster pack on April 23rd, and we'll see what's inside, and then he'll go to work. How long will it take? Will he succeed? Hopefully it will culminate at GP Columbus and we'll do an episode as the finale of the journey.

The idea is to show younger or newer players that it is possible through trading to get a piece of power. Sure it's hard work and will require numerous (dozens) of trades, but it is possible.

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