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This Week in Magic: February 9, 2024


Secret Lair 2024 Winter Superdrop Goes On Sale!

The latest round of Secret Lairs are now live and on sale for purchase! The Winter Superdrop 2024 is here, sporting a whole host of new and unique products to pickup. You can check them out here!

If you purchase complete non-foil or foil bundles, you also get an additional fancy promo of The Scorpion God! This continues the trend of recent Superdrops that gave out special versions of both The Scarab God (written as DJ Scarab God on the card) and The Locust God. However, this takes a different approach from those two, which previously were given if you reached a certain price threshold.

Additionally, the Secret Lairs did come under some minor criticism due to the Deceptive Divination Lair. This set of cards contains a copy of Circular Logic - a classic piece of countermagic - that is marked as a sorcery instead of the proper instant on the card. Because of this error, Wizards noted that they had decreased the asking price of both versions by $5 from the originally planned price on the Lairs.

Murders At Karlov Manor Hits Digital Clients

The latest Magic expansion - Murders at Karlov Manor - is now available for purchase and play on all digital platforms! If you're like me and have been excited to get your fill of all the latest cards on MTG Arena or Magic Online, you can do so now! I, for one, have already crafted my Smuggler's Copters on Arena for use in Explorer, and the Limited format seems really great as well. Check it out!

MagicCon Chicago Badges Sold Out

MagicCon Chicago is right around the corner with only two weeks left to go! The PlayMTG Twitter page had noted there are very few tickets left, and as of the writing of this article, the most recent tweet stated the event was officially sold out!

Rhystic Studies Drops New Video On Foils

Everybody's favorite MTG YouTube video essayist Sam - aka Rhystic Studies - has put out a new video this week and it is a doozy! The video is one of his longest ever, clocking in at just over an hour and a half. It's an excellently researched and detailed deep dive into foils down to and including the minutiae of how they're printed (coloring, layers of foils, card stock, and more) and also the "why?" behind the infamous curling of foils. Grab some popcorn and settle in because this is one heck of an achievement in MTG-related content. I promise you won't be disappointed, as Sam has done it yet again.

Decklist of the Week

One of last year's big breakout decks was Boros Convoke in Pioneer and it was so potent out of the gate, people treated it like the new Hogaak demanding an immediate ban. It didn't quite pan out that way, though, and ended up falling off a decent amount while still being a decent player. But now it's back - in Standard form! The first couple days of the new Murders at Karlov Manor season have been absolutely overrun by this new version of Boros Convoke, which is making use of new cards like Novice Inspector, Warleader's Call, and Case of the Gateway Express to strong effect. It remains to be seen if this deck will continue to have staying power long-term, but it sure is coming out of the gate strong and is sure to be a major player in any Standard event you may be playing this weekend.

Oh, and did I mention how it's also a great way to jump into Pioneer? Many of the cards translate quite well to the Pioneer build of the same archetype, so if you want a great entry point for the Standard RCQ season that will also lead into the upcoming Pioneer one, this might be a great choice for you!

Paige Smith

Twitter: @TheMaverickGal

Twitch: twitch.tv/themaverickgirl

YouTube: TheMaverickGal

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