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This Week in Magic: Friday, May 10


Wizards Releases Generative AI Art FAQ

Wizards of the Coast has been no stranger to criticism from the greater communities of both Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons regarding AI usage. This came up when certain D&D materials appeared to use AI art, and then several marketing posts from the MTG side of things also appeared to be utilizing AI artwork. Following these past issues and continued hesitancy regarding AI from the community, Wizards put together a Generative AI FAQ page for each game and their stance on the use of generative AI as a company policy. You can find the MTG one here; the contents should be very close to one another.

VIZ Media Announces MTG Manga English Release

For several years, Japan has been getting an exclusive manga (comic book, for the non-anime fans here) based on MTG. Titled "Destroy All Humans. They Can't Be Regenerated," this manga takes place in the late 90s covering the Magic gameplay experience of the era. For a while, the manga was receiving fan translations around the internet and those in the know praised it highly. Now, after six years, this manga is finally getting an English translation this fall, as announced by publisher VIZ, and will receive its own exclusive card as the Japanese editions have previously.

Magic Online Announces Upcoming Judge Open

This past Tuesday, the Magic Online weekly announcements page announced that a Judge Open would be happening once again this July. These Judge Opens have taken place on the platform here, and this time will be taking place starting on July 16th, acting as a league that lasts for five days. This event will be open to all certified judges around the globe. Check out the weekly announcements page for the initial info, and - as the article notes - contact your local judge program for further details.

Sanctum of All Announces and Releases Podcast

One of the biggest stories of the Pro Tour two weeks ago was the wild success of Sanctum of All, the team featuring players of marginalized genders. The team was one of the top teams of the weekend on the back of the Four-Color Legends deck (aka Slogurk). Following this success, members Autumn Burchett, Jason Ye, and Nicole Tipple came together to form the Sanctum of All podcast, focusing on players of marginalized genders who have success playing at major events. You can check them out on Twitter as well as find their podcast on most major podcast outlets (though not necessarily all of them at this time).

Decklist of the Week

Two weeks ago at Pro Tour Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Yuta Takahashi took second place in the event piloting Azorius Control. Now this past weekend were a handful of Regional Championship events. The one in Montreal was won by Liam Hoban on this same deck, though a slightly different list. The deck wins by slowly shutting down everything your opponent is doing, and it gained a fairly substantial buffer thanks to the recent printing of Three Steps Ahead. Congratulations to Liam on the tremendous finish!

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