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Player of the Year Race Update


Wendesday night the @magicprotour twitter account posted an update to the standings for Magic's Player of the Year race. With just Worlds and a handful of Grand Prix events remaining the race is really heating up.

  1. Owen Turtenwald - 48 pts
  2. Luis Scott-Vargas - 45 pts
  3. Ben Stark & Yuuya Watanabe - 44pts
  4. David Sharfman - 40 pts
  5. Shouta Yasooka - 39 pts
  6. Josh Utter-Leyton - 38 pts
  7. Vincent Lemoine & Martin Juza - 37 pts
  8. Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa - 36 pts
  9. Good luck to all the competitors, those listed and those waiting in the wings!

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