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Clans of Tarkir


The Abzan live on the desert plains of Tarkir. Their strong beliefs in family and unity give them their strength, and with their ability to outlast, they are quite the worthy adversary. Here's a video to give you a glimpse of their resilience.

The Mardu is a horde of aggressive fighters who believe strength and speed are the only way to rule. They often raid territories and battle for days against those who oppose them. Here's a first glance at their destructive ways.

The Jeskai are monks who live high in the mountains of Tarkir and practice their martial prowess through training and meditation. They use their speed and cunning in conjunction with strategy and focus to overwhelm their foes. Here's a video to give you insight on the Jeskai.

The Sultai is a group of degenerates who look to bring the citizens of Tarkir to their knees. They often resort to dark magic and sacrifices to gain power. They have made a dark pact with rakshasa, and it has only raised their power to a frightening high level. Here is a video showing you their methods.

The Temur Frontier is a band of savage nomads who live in the worst parts of Tarkir. They survive using their wits and strength to best the Qal Sisma Mountains, a dangerous mountain range where survival of the fittest is law. Here's a clip to show you how they persist.

Make sure to visit our Khans of Tarkir YouTube playlist for more videos.

Videos by Ricardo Conde.

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