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Snack Time Reveals Exclusive Hour of Devastation Preview


Tonight, at their live show for Snack Time, Mike Linnemann and Ant Tessitore showed off their exclusive preview card for Hour of Devastation. Check out Dreamstealer:

Dreamstealer is a ½ for 2b with Eternalize for 4bb. As was revealed during yesterday’s GP Vegas stream, Eternalize is mechanically similar to Embalm with the exception that the token will always be a Black 4/4 rather than retaining the creature’s original power/toughness stats. So, that saboteur discard ability on Dreamstealer will hit a lot harder the second time around, won’t it?

Thank you Mike and Ant for a most excellent preview for Hour of Devastation! And stay tuned to Gathering Magic this Thursday, June 22, at 11 AM EST for Gathering Magic’s exclusive preview card for Hour of Devastation.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

Hour of Devastation is now available for preorder at CoolStuffInc.com!

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