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Grand Prix DC Draft Prep


Time Stamps:

Match 1: 00:17:32

Match 2: 00:27:03

Match 3: 00:42:39

While I wasn't originally planning on it, I got drafted into Grand Prix DC which is a team Limited tournament. I don't play a ton of Limited, so I wanted to document my journey into learning this format a bit. I'm a big fan of synergies and it appears this draft format is abound with plenty of neat interactions. I drafted a gw creatures deck since I opened Shalai and Lyra and they were powerful enough to carry some games (big surprise right?). The deck overall seemed kind of mopey and though the bombs did carry, the creatures seemed kind of weak and it was hard to push through damage. The draft format seems a little slow, so while it's important to have early creatures, it looks like a CMC of 3-4 is where things really get important and can dictate the course of the game. Removal seems to be at a premium, and unless a creature is needed for your deck, I think I rank it higher. Let me know in the comments how you would have drafted and what has been working for you!

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