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rules@gatheringmagic.com Launches!


Today we're happy to launch an email address for rules questions! While not revolutionary in its nascent form, we've been a long time resource for new Magic: The Gathering players and so we have put together a crack team of judges to answer your questions. Using this list we'll be launching a weekly rules Q&A feature which will feature the questions and answers from the previous week. We won't be doing it right away, but expect to see it in the coming weeks.

Introducing the team:

Justin Turner - Level 3 judge (and site contributor)

Benjamin McDole - Level 3 judge (also a site contributor)

Brian Prillaman - Level 2 judge

George FitzGerald - Level 2 judge

Sean Copeland - Level 2 judge

They'll be waiting to answer your questions at:

What sort of questions can you ask?

You can ask any Magic related question! How do these two cards interact? What does 'exile' mean? My store judge penalized me for doing X, but I wasn't doing X, how do I appeal? You can also ask questions relating to judging itself, preparing to take your test, as well as about what it's like judging at major events.

What about questions on spoiled cards?

It's a difficult thing to give rulings on new cards. One of the crucial pieces judges rely on with a new set is the FAQ from Wizards, which outlines new interactions. As such, questions about spoiled cards won't be answered until the FAQ comes out, to prevent issues with wrongly worded cards or new interactions which haven't yet been clarified.

How long until you get an answer?

Currently all of the judges on the list are based on the east coast, so there may be a delay in response if you ask during the wee hours of morning EST. Otherwise you should receive a response within 24-48 hours.

How do I ask a MTG rules question?

Just send your Magic: The Gathering question via email to rules@gatheringmagic.com! Simple as that.

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