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Simpson-Wolf & Bertoncini win SCG Boston


It was Anders Simpson-Wolf who won the Standard SCG Open in Boston this weekend, with a top 8 that included Gerry Thompson, it was Anders who came out on top when they met in the semi-finals, Anders' U/R Twin deck took down Gerry's blade-less Caw-blade 2-1 to advance to the finals and face Alex Mitteness' Valakut where Anders again came out on top winning 2-1.

On Sunday at the Legacy Open it was SCG grinder Alex Bertoncini who won it all with his NO RUG deck defeating Kurt Spiess' U/W Stoneblade deck. The Top 16 highlighted a very weighted format with a clear dominance of only a few archetypes, RUG variants and Stoneblade variants, with a few others scattered within.

Congratulations to both winners: Anders Simpson-Wolf and Alex Bertoncini!

Standard Open

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Top 16 decklists

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