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Slicing Up Standard With Amaz's Awesome Blink Blade Brew!


Qualifying for the Pro Tour is awesome, but qualifying with your own homebrew deck is the stuff Magic dreams are made of.

Nurturing Pixie
Tithing Blade
Braids, Arisen Nightmare

However, for Jason Chan (also known as popular content creator Amaz) at the Magic Regional Championship last weekend, dreams do come true as he was able to secure a Pro Tour in with a truly awesome deck!

It's a deck that almost looks more like a draft deck than a Standard deck, with a bunch of awesome synergies revolving around playing and replaying draft all-stars Hopeless Nightmare and Tithing Blade.

Hopeless Nightmare
Tithing Blade

Hopeless Nightmare gives you almost a Lava Spike's worth of damage to go along with a discard, and while one card might not be that many, when you're playing it over and over again you can pick up their whole hand pretty quickly while also killing them in the process. The other part of the one-two punch is Tithing Blade, which can also be reused with Guardian of Ghirapur to kill your opponent's creatures. Toss in Rite of Oblivion with plenty of things to sacrifice and you're golden.

Hostile Investigator
Liliana of the Veil

Of course this is Constructed, so there are some powerful mythics too, and Hostile Investigator and Liliana of the Veil provide power as well as synergy as the deck as a discard subtheme too.

A super fun brew that comes out of nowhere and also is clearly able to win big matches? Just another notch in this being one of the best Standard formats in a long time!

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