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Snack Time #7 — Cosplay with MJ


Welcome to another episode of Snack Time with Mike and Ant. In this episode, Mike and Ant are joined by fellow Gathering Magic writer, Magic cosplayer, and #MTGMom MJ Scott. It’s the cosplay episode!

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Flavor Gems for This Week

Mogg Fanatic
Falkenrath Aristocrat
Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver
Mishra, Artificer Prodigy

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Useful Images

Original images found here and here.

Four hours and a bucket of white paint later . . . 

HIRE ME! (I’m not crazy, I swear . . . well, maybe a little.)

Original image found here and here.

MJ and Fblthp (Sadly, there’s no Elliot in sight.)

Elliot (uncredited), face down in some soup

Bonus Flavor

Greetings, fellow mages. MJ here, hijacking Ant's Bonus Flavor like a boss. My bonus piece of Vorthos flavor is the totally chocolate fudge-on-banana split flavorful project that I produced for Bennie Smith: The Complete Commander. It's a beautiful, comprehensive e-book on the Commander format, complete with original fiction, and it is a great way to get friends or loved ones into Magic—or for you to scratch your Vorthos itch. Check it out!

XOXO, MJ "five guys in a basement in Indiana" Scott, a.k.a. @moxymtg.

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